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Get Research Project Management support

Find out about the support available for you and your research project and how to apply for it.

Get Research Project Management support
Get Research Project Management support

Choose the right level of support

Check which of our RPMS three levels of support best suits your project before applying.

Large and multi-disciplinary projects

A Project Manager will work alongside you to plan and manage your project by:

  • allocating responsibilities
  • understanding stakeholder needs
  • creating a framework for the project team
  • monitoring and reporting progress
  • responding to issues
  • adapting to project plans as necessary
  • managing the support staff

Medium-sized projects involving a number of parties

A Project Coordinator will support you by:

  • helping you set up and close your project
  • coordinating the project with partners
  • monitoring and reporting progress
  • supporting project board meetings
  • overseeing project administration and finance

Small and single-institution projects

A Project Officer will support you by:

  • organising meetings and producing agenda and minutes
  • collating data from project partners for reporting
  • organising events
  • maintaining records
  • marketing and communications
  • overseeing the project budget and forecasts

Financial administrators will provide you with dedicated support including:

  • monitoring and reporting of budgets
  • spends and remaining funds
  • salary reclaims
  • financial forecasting
  • audit support

How to apply for support

Follow this process to help us provide you with the support you need.

1. Discuss your requirements

Contact the Head of RPMS to discuss your project, the support you might require and the resources available. The following would be useful but not essential:

  • project length
  • funder
  • when you would like the support
  • number and type of partner organisations

2. Request project management support

Follow our four-step process to formally request support.

  1. Read the RPMS terms and conditions of service.
  2. Identify the level of project management support you need using the Research Project Management Support (RPMS) enquiry checklist.
  3. Complete part 1 (request) of the Project Management Support form.
  4. Send your completed part 1 form to the Head of RPMS for review and sign off.

3. Add project management costs to your funding application

You can write the cost of project management into an externally funded project. Specify the grade of project manager needed within your funding application.

Contact the Pre-Award team for support with your funding application.

4. Tell RPMS when you receive funding approval

Once you receive funding approval, you must give the Head of RPMS details of your funding and arrange a meeting to discuss how the support will be delivered.

5. Complete the second part of the Project Management Request form

Complete part 2 (agreement) of the Project Management Support form, finalising the funding start date and project management resources.

Send your completed part 2 form to the Head of RPMS for review and sign off.

Benefits of research project management support

  • Having a structured and agile approach to running your project, using recognised methodologies
  • Increasing the chances of your project being successful, with measurable outputs
  • Reducing the risk of your project failing
  • Increasing satisfaction for your stakeholders
  • Reducing the administrative burden
  • Dedicating more time to leading your research project

How to get support

Find out how you can get support.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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