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Getting paid as a new member of staff

The process you need to follow as a new member of staff to make sure you get paid, whether you are full time, hourly paid, or work variable hours.

Check List

  1. Return your signed contract - To HR along with any relevant documentation they requested on your appointment. This will then be kept, securely, in your personnel file.
  2. Supply bank details - We operate a BACS payment system so we will need UK bank account details to set you up on our payroll system, unfortunately we can not pay into any foreign bank accounts and only pay in pounds sterling.
  3. Supply tax information - Ensure you have given the payroll office your P45 from your previous employer or completed a P46 form if it is your first job since the beginning of the current tax year.
  4. Give your personal details - Please provide us with as much information about you as possible for contact purposes, as well as HMRC and DWP queries. For example, Date of birth, UK home address, National Insurance number.

Information for all new starters

We pay all employees on a monthly basis via BACS.

Pay day is the 25th of each month unless it falls on a weekend.

The payment covers the entire calendar month e.g. 1st - 31st, even though we are paid on 25th.

A list of pay days can be found on our deadlines page.

Your payslip will be emailed to your university email account, to change this to a private email please follow the 'Set up or change your email address and password' instructions under the Electronic payslips page.

When you been added the payroll, you are given a payroll number that can be found on person finder with your contact details and new position title.

Payslips can be viewed online once they have been processed, using Employee Self Service (ESS).

You can use this service to correct or update addresses and contact details so that we can contact you with important information.

You should have a national insurance number in order to work within the UK. If you need to apply for you we have information on how you can do that on our National Insurance information page.

Hourly paid and variable hours staff

As soon as you have received your contract of appointment it needs to be signed and returned by the date stated in your appointment letter. This must be done before commencing work at the university.

When you start your new post you should familiarise yourself with your department and colleague's roles so that you are aware of who can sign timesheets and query issues on your behalf.

All hourly paid and variable hours staff need to complete timesheets for work completed. A timesheet is included with your contract.

Payroll office responsibilities

When we receive your starter information from HR we attached your bank details, tax information and position to the payroll.

This action will automatically generate a payroll number for you.

We can then add your timesheets to your record and calculate your salary to be paid on the 25th of the month.


If you have any questions, please contact us.