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High performance computing as a tool for research

Join our growing community of academics using high performance computing to generate valuable research output.

Dr Sukumar Natarajan and Professor Coley created a timed series of data to predict localised weather in the future.
Bath's supercomputing environments can help you analyse large data sets and perform complex computational tasks.

Turbocharge your research

High performance computing (HPC) is the ability to process data and perform complex calculations at high speeds.

All academics and doctoral students at the University can use our portfolio of Research Computing environments to generate valuable research output.

You can use high performance computing to get through masses of data quickly (capacity computing) or run large simulations or models over a number of servers (capability computing). Typical problems include:

  • computational fluid dynamics
  • finite element analysis
  • large-scale statistical analyses
  • numerical weather and climate prediction
  • molecular interaction simulations
  • RNA sequencing analysis
  • simulations of quasi-brittle structures
  • x-ray crystallography

Researchers benefit from our specialist research computing knowledge and support, and a large range of scientific software pre-configured for your use.

Research Computing environments

View the technical specification for our HPC environments.

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