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Impact Acceleration Accounts

The University's Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs) provide opportunities to develop the impact of your research.

Impact Acceleration Account
Impact Acceleration Account

About the IAA

UKRI impact acceleration accounts (IAAs) are strategic awards providing funding to research organisations to use creatively for a wide range of impact projects and activities that develop partnerships and cultivate a greater culture of impact and responsible innovation.

By providing the catalyst that allows projects to grow to the next level, the funding aims to maximise the benefits the University’s world-leading research brings to society and the economy.

In addition to our long-standing Impact Acceleration Account funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) since 2012, we are delighted to have recently secured funding through the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) from April 2023.

Types of activities supported

We will invest in activities that support, develop and foster strategic partnerships for knowledge exchange and impact, including across disciplines and sectors. Activities might include:

  • proof of concept projects
  • commercialisation
  • market validation
  • activities targeting policy, business and the third sectors

See the case studies on some of our EPSRC IAA funded projects.

Funding opportunities

More on our internal funding opportunities within the ESRC and EPSRC remits:

Impact Assessment Group (IAG)

The Impact Assessment Group (IAG) makes decisions about knowledge exchange and pathways to impact funding schemes.

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