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Moving out of University accommodation

What to do before you move out of University accommodation at the end of the academic year.

Things you need to do

Before you leave, you must complete our Student Departure Agreement.

Before your leaving date

  • Tell the Student Accommodation team what date you will leave the accommodation.
  • Give your bank, mobile provider, etc. your new postal address. We will return all mail to sender once you leave accommodation

Your bedroom

Communal areas

  • Remove all your belongings from communal areas - we will email you if you leave anything behind, then dispose of it after five days if not collected
  • Throw away or recycle all rubbish

As you leave

We may charge you if you fail to complete these tasks.



We will charge to cover cleaning costs if rooms and communal areas are not left clean and tidy. If we decide a charge is necessary, we will send you an invoice and you will have to make a payment.

Keys and cards

We charge £18 for unreturned metal keys and £4 for unreturned cards. You will also be liable for any loss of rent while the key or card is replaced.

Leaving your accommodation before the end of your contract

Find out what to do if you want to move out early, and leave your accommodation before your contract ends.

Moving from pre-sessional accommodation to term time accommodation

If you are moving from our pre-sessional summer accommodation to term time accommodation see moving from pre-sessional accommodation to term time accommodation for more information.

Staying in University accommodation during the summer

If you are a care leaver, you may be able to stay in student accommodation during the summer. If you would like to stay here longer, please discuss this with the Student Accommodation team before the end of the academic year.

You will be able to pay for any additional stay in the same ways you paid for your standard fees.

Fees for the extra stay will be calculated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the length of your additional stay.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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