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Moving out of University accommodation early

Complete a request online to end your accommodation contract early.

Reasons for ending your accommodation contract early

Withdrawing or suspending study

If you suspend or withdraw from your course before the end of the academic year, you will have to pay for four weeks’ rent from the departure date you have entered on the accommodation contract termination request form. This will be the same date you return your keys and move out. You will need to move out of your accommodation within two weeks of withdrawing from or suspending your course.

Moving to alternative accommodation

If you choose to move out of your accommodation but are continuing your course, you will have to pay your accommodation fees until the end of your contract. You are not allowed to advertise, sub-let or allow other students to live in your room after you move out - please speak to the Student Accommodation team for advice.

You need to leave your room and return your key before 10am on the day you move out, otherwise you may be charged up to £65 to cover the cost of a replacement key and lock.

Exceptional circumstances

If you wish to end your accommodation contract early for another reason, email the ResLife team explaining your situation. We may be able to release you from your contract depending on your circumstances.

Eat and Drink credit

If you have Eat and Drink credit, it will end on the day you move out, and your account will be closed. If you have spent more than the allowance for the time you have lived in your accommodation, you will have to pay for the extra spend.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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