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Probation is a period of time at the start of your employment for the University to assess your performance, conduct and suitability for your job.

Probation for staff grades 1 to 9 and Senior Professional staff

The probation period allows time for you as a new member of staff to understand the standards required of you in your new job, as well as to receive any necessary support, encouragement and training.

Once you have successfully completed probation, you will be included in your departmental Staff Development and Performance Review (SDPR) process.

Your probation period lasts 6 months, unless you are Senior Professional Staff in which case it will be 1 year. The University's Probation policy and procedure details how the probation process works.

Academic probation

The probation period for Lecturers is one or three years dependent on your contract with the University.

Read our guidance on the policy and procedures for undertaking academic probation. This page includes the roles and responsibilities for Probationary Lecturers, Heads of Department/Reviewers and Deans of Faculty/School throughout the process and provides the forms you will need to complete during your probation period.

If you have been asked to use the Career Progression Portal during the pilot phase please refer to our guidance on the processes for using the CPP during academic probation.

We would encourage you to always refer first to the academic probation guide page to understand more about the process, procedures and criteria however, you might also find it helpful to refer to our frequently asked questions page on academic probation on individual topics.