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Requesting additional-hours payment

Processes and deadlines for staff who are paid by the hour, working variable hours, or in grades 1 to 5 who need to request payment for additional hours.

Current staff

So that our data is reliable use Employee Self Service (ESS) to review and update your current contact information and home address.

Our monthly payment dates can be found on our deadline dates page along with the date that all timesheets should be with us in time for payment.


We have a strict policy that failure to get timesheets in before the deadline will result in the timesheets being processed in the following month without the possibility of earlier payment.

Payroll payments

Additional Hours

Grades 1-5 are able to claim enhanced rates when you have worked 36.5 hours in a week.

Grades 6-9 are not entitled to additional hours and are required to take time in lieu to cover any additional hours worked.

The employee should:

  • Complete the claim form for the hours worked in their position.
  • Not build up claims over several months or semesters but should claim on a regular basis
  • Be aware that claims older than 6 months may not be paid
  • Complete the form legibly and in coloured pen

For further guidance please refer to the guidance notes provided our downloadable forms page.

For the additional hours rates please refer to the 2 - 5 Terms

Hourly paid/variable hours

The employee should:

  • Complete a separate timesheet(s) for the hours worked in each position you hold.
  • You should download and print off pre-populated timesheets, which will provide all the relevant information needed for payment.
  • Complete the timesheet form clearly and legibly. We take reasonable steps to identify individuals and positions titles, incomplete or misspelt timesheets will be returned
  • Timesheets should be submitted for authorisation to your department in sufficient time for them to check, process and pass to them to us prior to the deadline.
  • Claim on a regular basis to avoid higher national insurance payments

For further guidance please refer to the guidance notes provided on our downloadable forms page.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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