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Student Support during exams

Support and resources that can help you during your exams from Student Support.

Wellbeing support

For some exams can be a challenging time and often we may feel a level of stress or anxiety. This is normal, however if you feel it is having an impact on you, no matter how small, we would encourage you to ask for help. Our Wellbeing team offer daily appointments and can support you if you feel stressed, anxious or have self-doubt.

Be Well Talk Now

Be Well Talk Now is a 24 hour confidential support service offered by Student Support which gives you immediate advice and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is always an adviser at the end of the phone to talk to about anything that may be troubling you.

Stress to Success Exam workshops

Does the thought of exams fill you with dread? Is your mind wandering all over the place making it difficult to concentrate? Are you feeling stressed out?

We all know that there are ways to prepare academically for exams but you can also prepare psychologically.

In this session we will give you some practical tips that can make your anxiety more manageable and enable you to perform at your best.

There are two dates available:

  • Wednesday 4 January 12 noon - 1pm (online - MS Teams)
  • Monday 9 January 12 noon - 1pm (online - MS Teams)

You can sign up via Be Well events on MySkills

Making alternative exam arrangements if you have a disability

If you have a disability you may be entitled to alternative exam arrangements such as a scribe, additional time, rest breaks or use of a computer. You should tell the disability team if you need arrangements if you haven’t done so already. The making alternative exam arrangements guide explains what support is available and how you can access this support.

The Be Well app

The Be Well app is a free app that is full of resources to support your wellbeing including some that can help during exams. These include:

  • a pomodoro timer to help you manage your time whilst studying. The timer sets 20 minutes of focused work followed by short breaks to use your revision time most productively
  • the Exam Stress Podcast which provides guidance on understanding exam stress, how to manage it and tips to prepare for the exam period
  • overcoming procrastination, a clear step by step method to overcome procrastination
  • the Exam Today podcast is a short three-minute podcast to help calm those nerves and anxiety just before your exam
  • need a break? listen to a mindfulness podcast, there are different length podcasts to fit into your scheduled breaks
  • try the here and now tool which is a short interactive exercise which will help you take a break and re-focus.

Further resources

Read Well is a selection of over 50 books that can support your health and wellbeing, with topics including anxiety, stress and general development.