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Submitting a timesheet for hourly paid or variable hour work

How to request your pay if you're an hourly paid worker or a member of staff on a variable hours contract including the process your department should follow.

Guidance for employees

Hourly paid workers and employees on a variable hours contract must complete and submit a timesheet for the hours they work in order to be paid for the work done.

Hourly paid workers and employees on a variable hours contract should:

  • Be aware that claims are paid a month in arrears.
  • Submit a separate timesheet for hours worked against each position you hold.
  • Complete your timesheet clearly and legibly.
  • Submit your timesheet weekly and in good time so that it can be authorised and sent to Payroll before the deadline date each month. Ask your Line Manager for the deadline set by your department.
  • Submit claims on a regular weekly basis to minimise the risk of exceeding the national insurance and pension thresholds.
  • Ensure that at least 30 minutes unpaid break is taken if you will work longer than 5 hours. This is in accordance with the Working Time Regulations.
  • Ensure that notes or a description of the work done, as required by the Department, are included on the timesheet to support your claim.
  • Submit your timesheet to the appropriate person in your department/faculty for authorisation.

The timesheets must include:

  • Your full name.
  • The department you are working for.
  • The month in which the work was completed.
  • Your payroll number (can be found on your payslip or person finder).
  • Your position title.
  • The date and the day the work was done.
  • The start and finish times and the net hours worked excluding breaks.
  • Your signature and date of signing.

The timesheet should not:

  • Contain work done for more than one position.
  • Contain periods of time that are duplicated or overlap with times on other claims.
  • Include claims for work done more than 6 months ago.
  • Include rest/meal breaks in the times claimed.

Please be aware that by signing and dating the timesheet you are stating that you have worked the hours claimed and that you have not claimed for this work or these hours on any other timesheet. If it is identified that the same hours have been claimed more than once then disciplinary action may follow and could result in you being dismissed from the University.

Timesheets can be submitted using:

  • Employee Self Service or

  • Manual timesheet form

Your Line Manager will let you know which method for submitting timesheets you should be using.

Employee Self Service (ESS) guidance on submitting a timesheet

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Submit a manual timesheet

Guidance for departments

Timesheets submitted by hourly paid workers and employees on a variable hours contract should:

  • Only be authorised by staff who have been approved by the head of department to do so and are on the official signatory lists held in Payroll.
  • Not be authorised before the claimed hours have been worked.
  • Provide a written explanation when a claim is for work done more than 6 months ago. In these cases the timesheet should also be countersigned by the head of department.
  • Sign the timesheet sheet using a coloured ink to help determine originality and submit to Payroll. The claimant should not be submitting the claim to Payroll.

If you have approval by your head of department to authorise timesheet claims on behalf of your department you need to be aware that by signing a timesheet you:

  • Are authorising the payment to the employee and that the costs are to be charged to your departmental budgets.
  • Are confirming you are satisfied the claim is genuine and the work has been done.
  • Are confirming that the hours have been recorded and added up correctly.
  • Are confirming that the employee has not claimed for the same periods of time on other timesheets.

Manager Self Service (MSS) guidance on authorising a timesheet

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Payroll’s responsibilities

Payroll will process all timesheets received in the current payroll period provided all of the following apply:

  • They are received before the deadline dates each month.
  • The employee is set up on the payroll system.
  • The employee is set up for the position stated.
  • The timesheet is properly completed and authorised.

All timesheets that do not comply with the above will be returned to the department for correction. Please note that as a lot of processing is done after the deadline dates it is not normally possible to re‐process corrected timesheets within the current period.

Please contact Payroll at: if you need any further help or guidance.

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