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Using your University mobile phone abroad

Information you should consider and steps you should take before using your phone abroad.

Before you depart

You should read EE guidance on using your phone abroad before leaving the country, to avoid unnecessary charges.

Avoiding data roaming and additional charges

Please contact IT Purchasing before any trip so that we can set you up with EU data roaming and an appropriate tariff. Failure to do so will result in a significant cost which will be passed on to the user, in line with the mobile use guidelines. We also recommend you:

We will need a minimum of 5 days to change your details with EE.

Accessing voicemail

The way you usually access your voicemail might not work in some countries. If so, you should to call +447973 100123 and enter a voicemail PIN to access your voicemail. You should set up a PIN before you leave by calling '123' and follow the instructions.

Insurance and reporting lost or stolen devices

University devices are covered by University insurance anywhere in the world. You should follow our guide if your device is lost or stolen. This includes contacting the local police, wherever you are on holiday, and getting a crime reference number.


If you have any questions, please contact us.