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Video Conferencing Suite

Find out about the Video Conferencing Suite and how to book it.

About the Video Conferencing Suite

Our Video Conferencing Suite is a facilitated space that makes it easy to hold virtual meetings, team meetings, or interviews. The room can seat up to 30 people.

The wide range of visual and audio equipment allows you to have a seamless experience.

How the Video Conferencing Suite can be used

The Video Conference Suite can be used for a variety of activities, these include but are not limited to:

  • Hybrid meetings
  • In-person team meetings
  • Virtual meetings (Teams, Zoom etc.)
  • Experimental meetings (e.g. brainstorming / problem solving meetings)
  • Interviews (In person or virtual)
  • Equipment demonstrations
  • Training or Testing

Equipment within the Video Conferencing Suite

Conference Suite Layout With Two Desks and Eight Chairs
Video Conference Suite Layout

All equipment is connected to a single-sign-on-computer that can be accessed using your University username and password.

The equipment in the Video Conferencing Suite is subject to change as some equipment is being piloted.

You can switch to another camera during the session.

Camera equipment

  • Wide Angle Camera - (panel meetings; interviews etc)
  • Webcam (Best used in 1 to 1 meetings)
  • OWL Camera 360 degree meetings (360 degree camera to have everyone on the table in view)

Audio equipment

  • Sound bar
  • Desk microphone
  • Meeting room speaker

Visual equipment

  • Dual Touch Screen Monitors
  • Projector

Physical equipment

  • Whiteboard(s)
  • Flipcharts
  • Various furniture

Tips on how to use the equipment

The Audio Visual Team will assist you with the initial setup of equipment for your meeting so you can choose which equipment will be used.

Find out more on effective meetings by viewing the 'Top tips for hybrid meetings' PDF.

Other conference rooms

There are many other non-staffed conference rooms available across campus that can also be used for virtual or in-person meetings.

The Audio Visual Team can assist with getting setup in other conference rooms if needed. Request help by using the Audio Visual Self-Service portal.

These rooms typically include a screen, single-sign-on-computer, and webcam (with sound and microphone). They are good for quickly booking a room to utilise for meetings. Find out how to book other rooms.

We also have meeting and social spaces for staff on campus. These spaces are designed for you to work, meet and network.

location of the Video Conferencing Suite

The Video Conferencing Suite is located in 8 West room 1.25 (previously located in 3 West). This suite is locked and has to be booked.

How to book the Video Conferencing Suite

Use of the Video Conferencing Suite is arranged by a booking request to the Audio Visual Team, who will unlock the Suite for bookings.

To book the dedicated Video Conferencing Suite or if you need assistance to set up a meeting:

  1. Go to the Audio Visual Team conference booking page.
  2. Fill out the form and press 'Submit'.

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