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Staff Development

Opportunities for professional development

We encourage all staff to learn, develop new skills and progress their careers throughout their employment with us. There is a variety of opportunities that will help you to enhance your performance in your current job, prepare for other positions within the University and to move on to other roles.

Induction and Probation

In your first few months, you will be supported to learn your job and the broader workings of the University, including induction to departmental systems, an 'Introduction to the University' day, and on-the-job training where appropriate.

Staff Development and Performance Review

The annual review scheme, which you undertake with your line manager, is at the heart of your professional development. From these meetings you will identify things you need to learn, and opportunities – within the University or outside – that will fulfil those needs. By planning in partnership with your manager, you will be encouraged to apply what you’ve learned back on the job.

Learning Opportunities

The University offers development events across a broad range of themes, from lunchtime briefing sessions to accredited programmes that may take many months to complete, and include close personal support. These are provided by both internal staff development teams and external experts, usually working to tightly-specified commissions so that the material is tailored to the University of Bath context. If you can’t find the right opportunity in your department or the University, it may be possible to attend courses outside.