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Responsive manufacturing: maximising value through life

Our vision is to create an automated real-time manufacturing system support toolkit to achieve whole-life value from current and future manufacturing systems.



Project status

In progress


24 May 2021 to 23 May 2023

Our research will use data, information and knowledge, automatically accessed via digital methods to enable the brain (the control centre) of the manufacturing system to continually assess its current status and predict future states. We will facilitate the ability of a manufacturing system to be truly responsive, while sustaining its whole life value. Although easy to say, achieving this is extremely challenging. However, with the current impacts of major disruptions such as COVID-19 on manufacturing there is a strong desire and willingness from manufacturers to ensure their systems can be responsive. In parallel to this need, the advancements in the technology and processes, such as digitalisation, 5G and Industry 4.0/5.0 have reached the stage that we can create a means by which a manufacturing system can automatically assess whether it needs to change and predict the most appropriate action.

Our proposed solution has its foundations in value modelling (a value model is used to assess the impact of any proposed solution in terms of e.g. cost, quality, delivery, environment) to evaluate and assess the impact of any proposed response to changes within/external to the manufacturing system. We will achieve this via the investigation and analysis of a number of real-life manufacturing case studies to identify the level of autonomy that is appropriate in relation to the characteristics of the manufacturing system. We will identify the core data information and knowledge required to create the value model, use data analytic techniques such as clustering/network modelling to automatically analyse the manufacturing system and create a pragmatic and useable step-by-step process to ensure impact from the outputs of the research.

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