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University of Bath

Young, female and forgotten?

An IPR and Young Women’s Trust (YWT) Report examining the plight of economically inactive young women who are not in education, employment or training (NEET).

In the UK, there are alarmingly high levels of young women who are economically inactive (EI) and ’NEET’ (not in education, employment or training). Beyond an assumption that most young women who are NEET and EI are caring for others, there is limited research and policy which addresses this issue.

Previous research by Professor Maguire and Young Women’s Trust (YWT) has highlighted this problem. In this two-year study (2015-17), with the support of the Barrow Cadbury Trust, they now seek to:

  • understand the reasons why so many young women are NEET and EI;
  • enable young women to tell their own stories about their experiences of being NEET and EI; and
  • find new ways of supporting NEET and EI young women into work.