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Providing scholarships

The University of Bath is committed to creating opportunities for students in need. Scholarships are a powerful tool to ensure that the brightest minds can reach their full potential. We educate many students whose families are unable to fund the cost of living and studying in Bath, including international students from developing countries.

By funding a scholarship, you could be helping to bring about a new discovery or pioneering research.

At our latest Scholarship Ceremony we welcomed more than 100 new scholarship students to Bath.      Find out what happened on the day.

We recommend watching this video to find out how the support of our donors changed one scholar’s life.



PhD scholarships and Fellowships

Dr Aron Walsh, Whorrod Research Fellow

Scholarships at PhD level give the University of Bath its edge of excellence.


Postgraduate       scholarships

Farishta Hellali, MSc Advanced Management Practice 2013

Help graduates take the next step towards professional and academic brilliance.


Undergraduate scholarships

Undergraduate scholars

We reduce financial burden so that undergraduates can make the most of their time at Bath.


How you can help

Fund a scholarship
Make a regular gift to the University
Leave a gift in your Will

If you would like to discuss your support for scholarships, please contact Andrew Monk (Deputy Director of Development).