Department of Computer Science

Bath hosts major worldwide programming contest

Tue Nov 08 09:40:00 GMT 2016

We will be hosting a regional contest of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) from 18 to 20 November, expected to be the biggest regional contest so far.

ICPC is a worldwide contest where teams of three students try to solve as many programming problems using only one computer.

120 teams from northwest Europe will be competing in the regional contest held in Bath.

The three winning teams from the regional contest will go to the World Finals held in Rapid City, South Dakota, United States.

Bath is also the initiator and host for the UK and Ireland sub-regional contest. A record-breaking number of 171 teams and 500 students from 26 universities competed in the UK and Ireland contest, held in thirteen locations around the British Isles. The sub-regional contest was coordinated and judged from Bath, last month.

Bath’s ongoing involvement has been crucial in the organisation of the UK events. Professor James Davenport is the Regional Director, Dr Rachid Hourizi is the Deputy Director, a former student is Chief Judge, and our Computing Services provide the judging infrastructure.

James said: "We are very excited to be hosting such an important contest, even if challenged by the scale. We are filling the Sports Hall and the Assembly Rooms to capacity, with a waiting list of teams who want to come, and are challenging the hotel capacity of the city.

"This is a major team effort: the Computer Science Department, Computing Services, the Backstage student society and the wider community around the University. All these are coming together to host an event the UK has never hosted before.”

Follow the regional contest through their news feed