Department of Computer Science

Computer Science postgraduate student wins first prize for 3D game

Mon Jan 12 11:02:00 GMT 2015

The  IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) Mobile App competition has awarded first prize to University of Bath postgraduate student, Swen Gaudl.

Swen, who is currently studying a PhD in Computer Science, came first in the competition that encourages students to design and develop mobile apps based on computational intelligence techniques. A total of 12 teams registered for the competition with entries judged on their simplicity, usefulness, relevance to the scientific community and use of computational intelligence.

Swen developed the winning entry, a 3D game for android based mobile phones, alongside his PhD research on advancing agent design. He developed a game framework to allow computational techniques to be tested within a real-time game environment, similar to what is used in the games industry today.

First prize was $500 in cash as well as tools to help improve the game. Swen said: ”I feel happy to be awarded the first prize as it reinforces my belief that my PhD is advancing in the right direction, towards topics which are both relevant and interesting.''