Department of Computer Science

Students heading to Silicon Valley for placement at Cisco

Wed Apr 26 15:41:00 BST 2017

Computer Science students Alistair Thomson and Konstantin Simeonov are travelling to San Jose, California this summer to start their year-long placement with technology multinational Cisco.
They have been selected to take part in the Cisco International Internship Program. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity offered to high-performing students from leading international universities.
Alistair and Konstantin are the first students from Bath to take part in the programme.
Alistair said: "I'm really eager to start my year abroad and very excited about the prospect of spending a year living within the innovative and fast paced culture that Silicon Valley has become renowned for."
Konstantin said: "I am grateful to the University of Bath for the amazing academic training and the unique work opportunities it offers.
"Having prepared intensely in order to fulfil my dream to work in the Silicon Valley, I am now sure that if you are smart and persistent you could achieve anything."
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