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Vist our new webpage at for details of the upcoming science festival 


Bath Taps into Science is an award winning science festival which focuses on exciting and enthusing young children and the general public with science and engineering. The festival has won numerous awards including the British Science Association Award for the best event during Science Week and most recently Professor Chris Budd, one of the founding team, was awarded an OBE for his work organising Bath Taps into Science amongst other public engagement activities.

One of the main events during the festival is the Schools Science Fair where over 1200 primary school children come to the University of Bath to meet companies and researchers and get hands-on with real science and engineering. This is a great opportunity for students to engage with real science and hopefully will inspire them to consider science and engineering in the future.

The other main event is the Family Science Fair where the festival takes over part of Bath City Centre to promote science and engineering happening across Bath and beyond to over 2000 families and members of the passing public. This provides another exciting opportunity for people of all ages to engage with people doing real science and engineering and they can see how important science and engineering is in everyday life.



The overall aims of Bath Taps into Science are:

  • Work in conjunction with schools and colleges to raise attainment and contextualise learning of their students through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)
  • Engage and stimulate the general public with STEM
  • Expand the general public’s knowledge and understanding of STEM
  • Promote the STEM undertaken across Bath
  • Develop links across the wider STEM community
  • Provide an opportunity for researchers to show the impact of their research to the wider community
  • Develop University of Bath undergraduate postgraduate students’ Science Communication skills

How to get involved

There are a number of ways researchers can engage with Bath Taps into Science. We have laid out a number of options below that you may wish to be involved with and use in your Pathways to Impact section of grant proposals, much of the information is targeted towards University of Bath researchers, but could be relevant for other institutions as well. Get in contact with us if you have any questions.Bath Taps Impact Brochure

The options are:

1. Design and present a stand at the Schools and/or Family Science Fairs

2. Use the visitors to the Science Fairs as participants in your research

3. Design and present a workshop for school students

4. Design and present a talk for school students

5. Design and present a public lecture

6. Organise your own event and promote it as part of the festival

There are other options and ways of working with Bath Taps into Science, such as promotion through social media, blogging opportunities and much more… Contact Chris or Andrew to discuss this in more detail. Download the brochure for a printable version of the options availible.

Events during the festival

To find out about the events coming up at the Bath Taps into Science Festival please have a look at our new webpages at