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Dr Ainius Lasas

A Lecturer in European politics with expertise in the politics of memory, moral emotions and informal political culture.

Ainius Lasas


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Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 5048

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Before joining the University of Bath, I held a Senior Research fellowship at St. Anthony College, University of Oxford and a Postdoctoral fellowship at the United Nations University (Japan). For my PhD thesis at the University of Washington, I investigated the role of historical guilt in NATO and EU enlargements to Central and Eastern Europe.

By education and profession I am both a political scientist and a journalist. For the last decade I worked as a freelance correspondent for the Lithuanian National Radio and Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty (Lithuanian Service) and as a regular contributor to the Lithuanian and international press.

Research interests

  • Moral emotions
  • Politics of memory
  • Threat perception
  • Informal political culture

Current projects

  • Threat perception of Russia in the Baltic States
  • Informal political culture in Central and Eastern Europe



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Book Sections

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Conference or Workshop Items

Lasas, A., Matonytė, I. and Jankauskaitė, V., 2016. Cognitive map of threats in Lithuania: the case of military threats. In: International Society of Political Psychology Annual Conference, 2016-07-13 - 2016-07-16.

Lasas, A. and Garcia-Retamero, R., 2015. Sticky memories: the role of historical beliefs in threat perception. In: International Society of Political Psychology Annual Meeting, 2015-07-03 - 2015-07-06.

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