Department of Psychology


Research environment

Research in the department occurs across more than six major subdisciplines in psychology, including clinical, cognitive, developmental, environmental, health, and social, using diverse methods from psychology and neuroscience. The department is located in a splendid new building, with ample space for seminars and small group meetings, social space and fully-equipped undergraduate and postgraduate computer labs. The building includes two floors of state-of-the-art research space, including EEG/ERP, virtual reality, observation and interview/focus group research, psychobiology, eye-tracking, pain, cross-modal and computerised research areas. The department retains real strength in the breadth of our methodological approaches, including diverse quantitative and qualitative methods, which make us distinctive in our research and teaching.

Research excellence

The results of REF 2014 confirm the excellence of the research carried out at Bath.

Research excellence for us mean being an internationally-recognised research-intensive Department with a strong focus on theoretically-informed applied psychology. Our strengths lie in conducting internationally-leading research of global significance and optimising the intellectual, scientific, economic, social and cultural impact of our research.

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