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Bath Babylab

Our research explores how infants and young children see and interact with the world around them. We're interested in the factors that impact their development.

What is the Bath Babylab?

We are passionate about discovering how children's minds develop and providing the evidence needed to support children in fulfilling their potential.

Dr Rachael Bedford explains what the Bath Babylab hopes to achieve, and how parents and little ones can get involved.

Our research

We actively research the factors that impact the cognitive development of infants and young children.

The Bedtime Boost trial

A woman reading a book to a young infant while sat on a bed.

The Bedtime Boost Trial is a feasibility and pilot randomised controlled trial of a parent-administered intervention on children’s pre-bed activities.

Get involved with our research

Children are like little scientists, testing out their ideas to find out how the world works.

At the Bath Babylab we hope to find out more about how infants and toddlers learn and develop. This will help to increase the scientific understanding of child development, and support parents and practitioners to make more informed decisions for young people.

Our research needs participants. You can get involved by:

  • participating in our online studies
  • taking part in research studies at our family-friendly Bath Babylab

Are you pregnant or do you have children under 16? We frequently run research studies and public engagement activities that volunteers can take part in.

Why take part

By taking part in our studies, you will:

  • learn more about how your child's mind works
  • contribute to research that could improve the diagnosis of developmental conditions and improve young people's lives

If you're interested, please sign up to receive updates.

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A brightly coloured child's sensory activity toy with other toys in the background.


News and updates from the Bath Babylab

Bath Babylab facilities

Most of our studies take place in our dedicated Bath Babylab facility.

This area is designed to make sure children are comfortable and relaxed, and is equipped with some of the latest research technology.

Family-friendly reception area

  • Baby changing table
  • Toys for babies, toddlers, and young children

World-class eye-tracking facilities

  • High precision EyeLink 1000
  • Wearable Pupil Labs eye tracker
Bath Babylab facilities

Our lab

Bath Babylab is part of the Department of Psychology.


Find out more about our upcoming events.

Bath Babylab Launch Event

24 Jun 2023 10.00am 10 West, University of Bath

Do you have a child aged 0-5 years old? Come to our Bath Babylab Launch Event to find out more about their development. There are two sessions to choose from.

About us

Our research focuses on typical and atypical cognitive development in infants and children, including attention control and social processing. We also study factors that influence the developing mind, such as screen time and sleep.

The work we do has many potential real-world applications and benefits. These range from the early diagnosis of developmental conditions, through to developing interventions to improve outcomes for young people.

10 West University of Bath Claverton Down Bath BA2 7AY United Kingdom

Contact us

If you have any questions about our research, or would like to withdraw your data, please contact us.