Quality management

Collaborative arrangements and off-site delivery

We work with a wide range of partners including employers, organisations, and educational institutions in the UK and overseas.

Such collaborations allow our students to gain valuable experience in a work environment, or study in an institution overseas. They also broaden the scope of degrees we offer to include foundation degrees and international programmes. Details of formal arrangments with partner institutions are kept in a register held by the Academic Registry.

We take a risk-based approach to managing our collaborative arrangements.  All prospective partners - from placement providers to educational institutions delivering our programmes - are evaluated thoroughly according to the level of risk involved.  This is reflected in the QA Code of Practice where the processes for approving and monitoring an arrangement are dependent on the kind of collaboration the University is considering:

  • Placements and Study Abroad - for placements and study abroad, placements / work-based learning on foundation degrees;
  • Collaborative Provision - for arrangements where another organisation delivers our programmes or part of our programmes; and for articulation arrangements whereby, subject to a formal agreement with another institution, students gain direct entry into year 2, 3 or 4 of one of our programmes having followed a programme at another institution;
  • Student Exchange Arrangements - where students are involved an exchange with an overseas institution.

Collaborative arrangements share many features with distance learning where students studying for a University of Bath award are not based on campus.  Special measures are put in place to assure the quality of the experience they are getting. 

  • Distance Learning - sets out the arrangements necessary for establishing and running a programme delivered remotely.  This statement also covers arrangements for work-based learning on distance learning programmes.

If you are thinking of entering into an arrangement with another institution it is very important to discuss your proposals with your Faculty Assistant Registrar at an early stage.  For advice and support on evaluation of placement providers talk to your Placement Officer or Faculty Placements Manager.