The theme of this year's Disability History Month is Disability is 'Children and Youth' and the theme of the International People with Disabilities awareness day is 'Transformative solutions for inclusive development: The role of innovation in fuelling an accessible and equitable world'.

During this month we are inviting our community to take part in events and discover resources that offer insights into barriers disabled people face.


An Introduction to Neurodiversity and Neuroinclusive Working – workshop run by Nyika Suttie.

Date and time: 22 November, 2pm - 3pm

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Neurodiversity is something of a buzzword at the moment, but what does it really mean? This 60-minute workshop will explore the concept of neurodiversity as natural variations in the brain, and discuss the limitations of a deficit-based, medical model view of conditions such as autism. Discover how you can work with the strengths of neurodivergent people and students and ensure that your office or lecture hall is welcoming to people of all neurotypes.

About the presenter: Nyika Suttie is the current Chair of the Staff and PGR Neurodiversity Network, and before moving into EDI taught autistic students at a Further Education College. Nyika was diagnosed with dyspraxia and ADHD as an adult and is dedicated to the inclusion of neurodivergent people across all aspects of life. She has a Master's degree in Special and Inclusive Education.

Deaf Awareness bite-size workshop

Date and time: 27 November, 10am-11.30am

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This workshop is run by Signs4Life, an awarded training centre. The session will be delivered by Deaf tutor Tim who will be supported by his BSL interpreter.

The session will include:

  • Identifying the barriers that deaf and hard of hearing people face
  • Understanding and demonstrating how to implement positive methods of communication and offer an equal service to deaf and hard of hearing people
  • Applying the finger-spelling alphabet

Apps for Wellbeing

Date and time: 20 Nov 2023, 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

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See how Assistive Technology can help with your wellbeing. Find out about a variety of apps that can support you to relieve stress, help practice mindfulness or manage your mood.

Assistive Technology for Productivity

Date and time: 21 Nov 2023, 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm

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Meet with the University of Bath Assistive Technology team and learn about the how apps and software can help you be more productive.

Panel discussion

Disability and removing barriers

Date and time: 5 December 2023, 10-11am

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The University of Bath and Leonard Cheshire are delighted to invite you to this virtual event on disability and removing barriers in the workplace.

Facilitated by Leonard Cheshire’s Daniel Wiles (host), this event will raise awareness of the barriers disabled people face in employment and how they can be removed.

Daniel will introduce the event and he will be joined by a panel of speakers who will share their lived experience of disability and barriers. There will also be an opportunity for questions and answers. Each panellist will have between 5-7 minutes to present.

The event will be taking place on Zoom, on 5 December, 10:00-11:00, and will last for one hour. Do get in touch if you have any questions in advance. If we can make any adjustments or changes for the event, please do let us know.

Through a combination of presentations and shared lived experience during a 1-hour virtual event we will explore:

  1. Welcome and introductions

• The event, speakers, Leonard Cheshire and Change 100. (Presenting: The charity, Change100 interns)

  1. Disability and why it matters in the workplace

• Exploring disability, both visible and non-visible, in relation to employment and understanding the importance of removing barriers. Presenting: Daniel Wiles (Training and Consultancy Manager, host), Joel Staley (Deputy Director for Student Access and Advice), Helen Stringer (Director of Employability and student Success), William Trimble (Assistive Technologist at DD&T).

  1. Shared lived experience

• Hearing from speakers on their experience of disability at work. The barriers they have faced, how they have been removed and ideas for inclusion. Presenting: Jess Smith (Disability Action Group), Amber Snary (SU Education Officer).

  1. Questions and answers

• Q&A from attendees for the speakers. Further support options and close.


If you're a member of staff with a disability, consider joining one of our fantastic Networks - aFLAME Disability Network: Staff and PGR or the Neurodiversity Network for staff and PGR students - for advice, support and the opportunity to socialise. If you are a student check out SU's Disability Action Group.


Do you want to expand your knowledge to help support our staff and students with disability? Please consider undertaking this self paced training module on Disability Awareness .


This Disability History Month we are bolstering our support for the #NeverOK campaign, a citywide campaign which makes clear that bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct are #NeverOK. Through training students in bystander intervention, and developing allyship and community within the University, the campaign is creating a more inclusive and race-conscious environment. You can find out how to get involved in the campaign here.

The University can help, you can tell us if you have experienced any form of discrimination, including microaggressions. Use Support and Report, we listen and take you seriously. We can support, offer guidance, and make change #NeverOK.

#BeTheChange is a one-hour module covers topics such as recognising your own biases, learning new ways of interacting with others, how to intervene if you witness harassment and how to report or seek support if you witness or experience harassment.

Additional resources

  1. Disability support for members of staff and Getting support if you have a disability as a student.

  2. Inclusive Design for Learning and Communication webpage.

  3. The Library has put together a selection of resources Disability History Month – Read Well, Neurodiversity and Disability Awareness. This list will be expanded and updated as we acquire more stock. If you have any suggestions of books to add to the list, please email the Library: