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Become an External Integrated Project partner

Employ our students to work on a four to six-month project with your company and benefit from their technical skills and fresh ideas.

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Key benefits to your organisation

Our students bring technical and transferable skills, fresh ideas and enthusiasm to your company.


Add a new independent perspective into your established workforce.


Identify potential graduate recruits.


Develop your staff by providing them with the opportunity to mentor.

Why recruit a student from Bath?

We work with industry to develop degree courses that give our students the critical skills required to be first-rate engineers.

During the External Integrated Project (EIP) our students spend their third-year second semester (between February and August) working at your company. Our students have studied key foundation theory during their degrees and many will have already spent a year in industry on placement. This means you will be employing a student who has both the hard and soft skills needed for the workplace.

'Over the past 11 years the University of Bath EIP students have helped to substantially move our technology and business capabilities forward.' — Gary Davis, Defence Sector Capability Manager at Lifing Rolls Royce

Supporting you through the process

We'll support you through the recruitment process and during the project. Each student will be assigned an academic supervisor who will usually visit your company at least once during the project. They will also be available throughout to provide feedback and discuss any issues. We can provide non-disclosure agreements for projects based on commercially sensitive data.

Work with the next generation of engineers

Our students have the skills and knowledge to work across different industrial sectors. They've worked on projects from autonomous robots to new wings for aeroplanes.

A student on placement at Williams F1 looks forward in front of a factory floor

How the scheme works

We'll agree the project in November with students starting their placement in mid-February each year.

Many companies invite their previous placement students back for further investigations on an EIP, but we can also advertise potential projects to all our third-year students. They can then apply directly through your company's recruitment channels or we can provide you with a list of potential candidates. Most companies pay students at an equivalent rate of between £14,000 and £25,000 a year.

A one-page project overview needs to be completed and agreed before the project begins. We recommend your project should:

  • be a single-focused project on the application of engineering and design
  • contain some aspects of business or commercial considerations
  • be performed within a larger team
  • allow students to participate in some level of project management


Month Activity
November We agree the project scope (this includes a one-page project overview) and contracts are signed.
End of the year
February Our student attends a two-week business process course and then begins work on your project from mid-February.
March Our student submits their business process coursework and their scoping report.
August Our student submits their final report and gives an end of project presentation.

Start a conversation

If you would like to discuss how our students could benefit your business, please get in touch.