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How your company can work with the Faculty of Engineering & Design

From consultancy to student project work there are many ways to collaborate with us across our engineering and design departments.

As a leading university in the UK, we work closely with the best companies to advance the way architecture and engineering are carried out in practice. If your company or organisation is looking for research and development, consultancy, or project collaboration, we may be able to help you.

We work with companies across sectors at a local, national, and international level, including:

  • architecture and civil engineering
  • automotive and aerospace industries
  • manufacturing and materials
  • consumer products
  • pharmaceutical and medical
  • energy and net zero
  • non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

Get expert advice and R&D input for your company

Our University Business Partnership & Knowledge Exchange team can help you access technical and research expertise and find the best ways to work together to improve your business.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)

Your business can work with us on a KTP, a one-to-three year project that can cover any important area where there's a need for extra expertise and resources. Our KTPs enable dynamic organisations to improve competitiveness, productivity, and performance. We have over 90% success rate with all KTP submissions and Innovate UK fund up to 67% of project costs.

Find out more about our KTPs
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Depending on your needs, we can provide specialist advice, innovative solutions and more. We have extensive knowledge, skills and expertise to help you improve your products, processes and services. We can help through:

  • analysis, testing and validation work
  • expert advice and opinion
  • feasibility and scoping studies
  • professional practice work (e.g. accounting, architecture, social work)
  • market research and technology audits
  • technology road mapping
  • scientific advisory boards and technical panels
  • expert witness services for litigation and patent infringement
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Contract research

If your company has an innovative idea or concept but lacks the resources and knowledge to deliver it in-house, then we can carry out research or work packages on your behalf. We'll focus on finding a specific solution that benefits your business. Your organisation is responsible for paying for the work but you will own any intellectual property created from it.

Email to discuss further

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Access to specialist facilities, labs and equipment

We have the latest technologies and equipment used in research and industry to support your needs.

Support the next generation of architects and engineers

There are many ways to get involved with our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching activities. You could deliver a guest lecture, host a company visit or workshop, sponsor a project, or become a placement provider.

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Student projects

You can use our student projects to help you solve industrial challenges in your company. It's also a great chance to get a fresh perspective on engineering problems while helping new engineers develop their skills.

MSc consultancy project (Practice Track)

Our MSc courses in Engineering Business Management and Innovation Technology Management give students the opportunity to carry out a consultancy project (Practice Track) instead of a traditional dissertation. Our students will work with your company between June and September on a project you propose. This could be a real issue you want a creative solution for or an R & D project you can’t resource at present. Email to find out more.

Other activities

There are many other ways you can get involved, from sponsoring our mechanical and electrical project teams to taking part in our External Integrated Project (EIP) or Vertically Integrated Project (VIP).

We also invite our architecture practice partners to help with our design critiques or to provide specialist tutoring. You can find out more through our Departments.

Become a placement provider

You can work with our Faculty Placements Team to recruit our undergraduate and postgraduate students for professional placements. Placements start in June, July or August and last from three to 12 months.. If you represent a company interested in employing a student, we would love to hear from you.

Develop your staff

Train with us to develop new or enhance the existing skills in your workforce.

Our Centre for Power Transmission and Motion Control runs standard and bespoke technical courses for the continuing professional development of your workforce. Their standard short courses for industry are run in partnership with Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

Our Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering offers a part-time practice-led PhD for mid-career professionals.

You can also work with us on staff exchanges and staff secondments to develop your employees' skill sets and bring new ideas to your company or practice. Contact one of our Departments to find out more: