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Employ our architecture students for a professional placement

You can employ our BSc Architecture and MArch Architecture students (RIBA part 1 and part 2) to work at your company for a three-six months placements.

What our students can bring to your workplace

Whether you are a small or multinational practice, our Architecture students can be an asset to your team. They have the creativity, teamwork skills and technical ability to make a positive impact on your practice.

You can play an important part in developing future Architects by employing our BSc and MArch Architecture students on a placement. We developed and continue to review our courses with input from Architects and the RIBA to make sure our students have the transferable skills needed for the workplace through project-based and collaborative learning.

Our students can work across a range of areas to help you meet your practice objectives. The kind of work will vary depending on the projects you have on at the time of the placement. They have experience in and/or can support you with:

  • detailed design and working drawings
  • visualisation drawings
  • 3D modelling
  • technical research and development
  • data analysis and review
  • planning applications
  • project management

A track record of talent

Our courses embody creativity with constraints so our students learn how to innovate using the practical skills they've gained. Our students have won various international prizes including the RIBA Bronze Medal, the Future Spaces Foundation Vital City 2025 Competition, the European Architects Medal, and the 3D Reid Prize.

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What can you expect and when?

Our students are available throughout the year depending on which course they are taking. This gives you more flexibility in deciding when you would like them to join your team.

Our students will work at your practice as fully contracted employees, under the guidance of your experienced Architects. Most companies pay students between £15-25k, with the average being £19,500 a year. However, students who are further on in their studies often attract a higher salary. We also expect rates in London to be higher than the rest of the country.

Our students have to complete at least 12 weeks continuous employment for it to count as a placement.

Our BSc Architecture (RIBA part 1) students go on placement in their second semester. They are available from the start of February and have the freedom to work through to the start of October. 

Our MArch Architecture (RIBA part 2) students go on placement in their first semester and are available to work from September to February. Some of our students are keen to start work earlier than September and may be looking to start their placement from June.

Part 2 apprenticeships

We also offer our MArch degree as an apprenticeship. Find out more about how you could support your employees as architectural apprentices.

Contact us

Get in touch to find out more about how your company can employ placement students, how to advertise a position or even to discuss career opportunities for our placement students when they graduate.