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Choosing your engineering discipline

Watch our introductory subject videos to find out what careers and study in civil, mechanical, electronic and chemical engineering involves.

What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical engineering benefits society and the environment by combining science, mathematics and engineering to develop new technologies, processes and products.

Chemical engineers follow career paths in oil and gas, hydrogen storage, electronics and communications, alternative fuels or healthcare industries. They work to deliver clean water, develop spacecraft, manage chocolate production or research new ways to generate energy.

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What is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineers design, make and maintain built environments, and help sustain natural landscapes. Every road, bridge, building, harbour, airport or energy facility depends upon the creativity, imagination and skill of civil engineers.

If you choose a career in civil engineering you could be working across the globe to construct sustainable buildings, develop transport systems and to provide clean water.

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What is Electronic and Electrical Engineering?

Electronic engineers are making more efficient, powerful and universal electronics. They do this by combining design creativity with scientific concepts to develop new electrical products, applications and systems.

Electronic and electrical engineers are pursuing careers in high-technology industries in electronics, power, aerospace, communications, robotics or manufacturing.

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What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering combines mathematics and scientific analysis with creative thinking to design and manufacture machines, technologies and systems.

It plays an important role across a range of industries including aerospace, manufacturing, medicine, renewable energy and Formula 1.

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