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Here are a few of the churches in Bath to get your search started. Each one has students in the congregation and you can click to view a video or see more.

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St. Bart's, Oldfield Park

St Bart's is a vibrant Evangelical Anglican church in Bath, where you’ll find people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds, committed to learning from the Bible, seeking to love and serve Jesus Christ. Whatever your age or life story, and wherever you’re coming from, they’d love to meet you. What you’ll find when you arrive is a group of genuine people trying to follow God in a wholehearted and uncomplicated way.

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St. Michael's, Twerton

St Michael's Twerton is a Community Missionary Church. St Michael's aims to make a difference in one of the poorest parts of Bath, building a vibrant Christian Community that reaches out to people who have hardly ever been to church in their lives. The Twerton church is learning what it means to be a missional community - a church for local people.

More about St. Michael's

Grace Church Bath

Grace Church is a welcoming church, a group of people working hard to connect with people across Bath and beyond by teaching, encouraging, and inviting everyone to listen to Jesus, to introduce Him to people who don’t yet know Him, and make better disciples of those who do. They recognise and encourage sport and know that many teams play on Sunday mornings, so their fellowship meets in the Bafteron, at 4.00pm.

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Emmanuel Church, Odd Down

Emmanuel Bath is a church with two central desires: to hear God speak through his Word, the Bible, and for that word to shape everything they are and do. They have lunch together as a church every Sunday to which all are welcome, and tea/supper after the evening service. Most of the church family spend the whole day together so they get to know each other very well. Emmanuel is a church family where you will be known and cared for, and you will soon know everyone else too. Students are supported through weekly bible study groups and 1-2-1 Bible studies with older Christians.

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