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Global climate change week 2019

14 - 20 October is Global Climate Change Week. Find out what's happening across campus and how you can get involved.

Tuesday 15 October

Day 1

Whale Painting

Whales keep carbon out of the atmosphere. To raise awareness around the need for their conservation, come along to help local artist Sonia design a real-size whale with natural paint and chalks.

Join us by the lake at 1.00pm - 3.00pm

Student Switch Off Ambassador Campaign

Student Switch Off is an award-winning sustainability campaign, supporting and encouraging students living in halls of residence to save energy and water. All halls are competing to save the most energy and water, at the end of the year residents of the winning hall will be rewarded with an evening of drinks and a meal.

Ambassadors drive the campaign and raise awareness on sustainability issues, with a particular focus within halls of residence. You do not need any previous experience or knowledge to be an ambassador. Through the role you will meet new people and develop skills in campaigning, communication, event planning, team work, and marketing. Sign up and get involved.

Join us in 3E 3.5 at 1.15pm - 3.05pm or 3.15pm - 5.05pm

Climate Café

Come along for a coffee and a chat about climate change with our eco-anxiety experts, colleagues and students. To find sustainable solutions, we have to face the paradox that it is only through facing our vulnerability, painful truths, collective denial, grief and loss that we will be able to develop the sustainable action that we need to take to save ourselves as well as the planet.

Find us in The Art Studio, The Edge at 3.00pm - 4.30pm

The Trial of Daisy the Cow

Daisy the Cow is Guilty! …or is she? Written and directed by Peter Harper, Natural Sciences, in collaboration with the SU Bath University Student Theatre, Daisy the Cow goes on trial for her CO2 emissions in this piece of political theatre. Audience participation encouraged!

The performance is free, confirm your space by booking online.

Performed in The Western Studio, The Edge at 5.00pm - 6.30pm. Contact Peter Harper or for more information.

Wednesday 16 October

Day 2

State of the World

Lecture and discussion on climate change stakeholders and how we can better understand them. How does this relate to the issue of impact and how do they come to be identified? We will focus on the University of Bath, to understand its impact relative to climate change.

Join the event in 8W 2.27 at 11.15am - 1.05pm

If you'd like to attend, please contact Krista Bondy, Senior Lecturer, School of Management.

Thursday 17 October

Day 3

Carbon Neutrality

Join Peter Phelps, Energy & Environment Manager, Department of Estates, for this talk on achieving carbon neutrality. This event is organised by SU People & Planet as part of the Carbon Neutral Campus 2030 campaign. Contact for more information.

Join the talk in CB 4.10 at 6.15pm - 7.35pm


Join Caroline Hickman, Climate Psychology Therapist, for this talk on eco-anxiety and the psychology of the climate emergency. This talk looks at the psychological barriers to taking action on climate change and argues that whilst we need to implement practical and technical solutions, they will not be enough on their own. However, our complex feelings about climate change might just hold some of the answers we need, and counter intuitively show us the way.

Find the talk in 1W 2.03 at 10.30am - 12pm (midday)

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