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Study or work in another country as part of your undergraduate language degree

Experience another culture, enhance your CV and develop your language skills by studying or working abroad during your degree.

All our undergraduate courses with languages include the option to study or work abroad:

You’ll study or work abroad during Year 3 of your course.

What you can do during your time abroad

During your time abroad, you will have different options. These are designed to give you valuable life experience, develop your CV and help improve your language skills.

BA (Hons) Modern Languages

  • a professional work placement
  • a study exchange or study placement
  • working as an English Language Assistant
  • a combination of two of these options

You can ‘mix and match’ both the activities and the countries they take place in. You’ll normally be expected to spend at least 30 weeks abroad, divided between your two languages.

BSc (Hons) International Politics and Modern Languages

  • a professional work placement
  • a study exchange or study placement
  • working as an English Language Assistant
  • a combination of two of these options

BA (Hons) International Management and Modern Languages

  • a professional work placement
  • an International Academic Exchange at another business school
  • a combination of the two

Read more about your options as an International Management and Modern Languages student.

A young woman (Grace) pointing at a sign on the wall outside of The Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po).
‘Living in France was a dream of mine. I’m a lot more confident and happier, and I feel like I’ve unlocked a great part of myself that had been hidden away.’
Grace Asquith-Evans BA (Hons) International Politics and Modern Languages with study abroad at Sciences Po, Paris (2023)

Choose your experience

During your time abroad, you can choose to do a professional placement, a study exchange, or work as an English Language Assistant. You can also combine two of these options.

The silhouette of a young man looking out over a city from the top of a hill at night.

Professional placement

A professional placement is usually within a commercial business environment. The aim is to provide you with a professional experience that will be of value both during your studies and in your future career.

This is a flexible option; you can mix and match longer and shorter work placements in different countries on some courses.

A dedicated and experienced Placements Officer will support and guide you through the recruitment process to gain your placement.

Students have previously done placements at organisations such as:

  • ABC Schools (Italy)
  • BMW (Germany)
  • British Council (multiple locations)
  • Butera 28 (Italy)
  • Deloitte (Spain)
  • Encarna Márquez School (Spain)
  • Ernst & Young (Germany)
  • Grupo Avanza (Chile)
  • Kern AG Global Translation Services (Germany)
  • Language Connexion (France)
  • Maupard Fiduciaire (France)
  • PIE (France)
  • Thales (France)

Placement opportunities can’t be guaranteed, but you will receive tailored support from our dedicated placement team to help you secure a placement 1.

Study exchange

We have exchange agreements with a wide range of partner universities.

On a study exchange, you can spend either one or two semesters in our partner universities in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, or further afield outside of Europe.

Our diverse range of exchange universities are located in capital cities, and medium and small-sized cities and towns, where you can experience studying in a very different university system. You can become fully integrated into life at another university, choose a number of appropriate units and undertake assessments in them.

If you study Spanish, you may also study in Santiago (Chile) or Buenos Aires (Argentina).

The study exchange programme is competitive. Places on the scheme are neither automatic nor guaranteed but will be offered on the basis of your personal interests and academic performance 1.

Language assistantship

Teaching English as a Language Assistant in a school or college is also a popular and rewarding option. Applications are processed by the British Council. Experiences can vary; you may find yourself in a large city or in a rural community, teaching English to small groups of children for around 12 hours a week.

It is also possible to be an assistant outside Europe. Some of our students have spent time in places such as La Reunion, Mexico and French Guyana. Assistantships differ in length from country to country, but usually last nine months.

Your tuition fees

You'll normally pay reduced tuition fees during your time working or studying in another country.

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  1. Some placement and study abroad opportunities (including some within EU countries) might not be available to UK students because of visa restrictions.