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Introduction to the University of Bath

Find out more about the course, review pre-work, online tools and course dates.

Course overview

This introductory course aims to help new members of staff feel part of our University community.

2023/2024 courses

This course is likely to run in November, February, April and July. Course dates will be published approximately six to eight weeks beforehand.

This introductory course aims to provide new staff with a flavour of the working environment, and is optional for all new members of staff. With an opening welcome and question and answer session by a member of the senior management team, it aims to help you understand what the University is here to do, how it aims to do it, and the values we aspire to.

Course structure

This course will be delivered on campus, an in-person event. Please also take a look at the accompanying Welcome Pack which provides further information.

There is no requirement for pre-work in advance of attending the virtual session.

The interactive session will provide key information and enable you to make contacts, use the facilities and the services of the University rapidly and effectively and to work safely and securely. 

Who should attend

This course is suitable for you if you are a new member of staff.

You will receive an email about the event in the first few weeks following your start date.


You'll hear from speakers from a variety of University departments, including from the Vice-Chancellor's Office

Staff campus maps and woodland walks

Please find links to download documents that are helpful for finding your way around campus and in enjoying the green spaces.

Intended learning outcomes

Check whether this course meets your development needs.

By attending the session and reading the accompanying brochure you will have started to build your network and we hope you will:

  • feel welcomed into the University and proud to be part of our community

  • understand the purpose and aims of the University

  • know more about how the University supports its employees and where to go to get help

  • meet other new starters and build a network of contacts

  • know more about what services and societies are available at the University

  • know where to go to keep up to date with the latest news and events

Effective Behaviours Framework (EBF)

Review how this course will help you to develop skills and knowledge related to the EBF behavioural groups.

The Effective Behaviours Framework (EBF) has nine key behavioural areas.

The three key behaviours related to this course are listed below:

  • using resources effectively
  • engaging with the wider context
  • working together

Please note that attending the course does not provide evidence of achieving these behaviours. You will need to demonstrate them by applying your skills and knowledge.  

Related online information

Access online tools and support on-demand.

Book or cancel your place using ESS

Find out how to book or cancel your place, plus read guidance on required timescales and discussions with your managers.

Discussing your learning and development with your line manager

We assume that if you need permission or agreement to attend this course you will have arranged this before booking. Your manager will receive an automated notification when you book or cancel a place on a course using ESS.

Book a place

Once a course date has been arranged you can book your place using Employee Self-Service (ESS). You must book a place to be able attend. Download instructions on how to book your place using ESS.

The course will be delivered on campus, as an in-person event.

Once you have booked your place on the course, please add the learning commitment to your diary, to ensure you remain available to attend.

Please note that we do not hold a waiting list for this course.

Cancel your place

You can cancel your place using Employee Self-Service (ESS). Download instructions on how to cancel your place using ESS.

Please cancel your place as early as possible − and at least three days in advance − to allow others to book instead.

Course date

  • Thursday 27 June 2024, 9:30am to 12pm, Course registration from 9:15am

You can access the related online information or the Welcome Pack at any time, even if you have not booked a place yet.


If you have any questions, please contact us.