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Physics Applicant Visit Days

We normally run Applicant Visit Days for our undergraduate degree offer holders between March and May. Find out more about why you should attend one.

After you receive an offer to study one of our Physics undergraduate courses, we'll email you to invite you to an Applicant Visit Day.

We strongly recommend you attend an Applicant Visit Day to gain real insight into what it’s like to study here. We're offering a mix of virtual and on-campus Applicant Visit Days to give you the opportunity to join us, whether you can make it to campus or not.

If you're living outside of the UK or are unable to make one of our Applicant Visit Days and would like to arrange an individual visit, please contact the Department and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Find out more about your course and the University

The aim of the day is to help you in your decision making.

Students gathered for a tour on the Parade on campus

Our Applicant Visit Days provide more subject-focused information than University Open Days, giving you a real insight into what it's like to study Physics here.

Whether you attend an Applicant Visit Day in person or virtually, you'll get the opportunity to listen to talks on the course and department. You’ll meet our academic staff and current students where you'll get the chance to ask them any questions you have and find out more about the work you’ll be doing if you study here.

If you join us for an Applicant Visit Day in person, you'll also get to look around the department and see our teaching facilities.

'The labs have all sorts of equipment you just don't have access to in school. I enjoyed the X-Ray labs where we tested the laws of interference of electromagnetic radiation.' — Oli Harris, Physics with Astrophysics, MPhys.

Why come to a Faculty of Science Applicant Visit Day

Hear from Faculty of Science students as they share what they enjoyed about their Applicant Visit Day and the difference it made to their university plans.

What student life is really like

No one knows what it’s like to be a Physics student at Bath better than our current students. They’ll help answer your questions and chat about their experiences.

Campus life isn't just about studying. There are many ways that you can make the most of your experience. If you're visiting Bath, you could visit our Sports Training Village (STV) and access the same facilities Olympic athletes use. You can also see our Students' Union, food outlets, campus pub and nightclub, and The Edge, where you can take dance, art and music classes.

'The activities during Welcome Week were amazing as I really got to bond with my flatmates. We also had a couple of introductory lectures which I found really useful and meant I could make a few friends before going to my first real lecture.' — Sanju Shah, Physics BSc with professional placement.

Find out how to make the most of your university experience
Students on Campus 12 Oct 2021. General shot of students on Campus on The Parade.

What our students think

The best people to tell you about Physics at Bath are our students.

'In the first year, the Department provides support through Peer Mentors, Personal Tutors and Peer Assisted Learning Sessions. The jump to degree level physics was made less daunting when I started using the support provided.' — Euan Coyle, Physics with Astorophysics BSc with professional placement.

'Lecturers hold problem classes regularly where they go over relevant past exam questions relating to what you studied that week.' — Annabel Kaye, Physics MPhys with professional placement.

'Lectures are a completely different style of teaching and learning to what I was used to at school. The lecturers know this is a big change though, and make their lectures as fresher-friendly as possible.' — Rachael Fernando, Physics with Astrophysics BSc with professional placement.

Chat to a Physics student
Students walking under trees covered with green leaves.

Visit the City of Bath

The City of Bath is only a short bus ride away from campus, so why not take a look around when you visit us?

People next to the river in the City of Bath

Living in Bath means you get all the convenience of living in a vibrant, historic city but with a friendly and safe community atmosphere.

Students make up around a quarter of the city of Bath's population and there is so much on offer!

'Bath as a city is incredible. There are so many interesting spots in town with all sorts of different atmospheres. Bath's got so much history, and all the trademark, sand-coloured Bath stone buildings make it so pretty. What really sets it apart for me is all the lovely little independent shops, bars, cafes and restaurants.' — Rachael Fernando, Physics with Astrophysics BSc with professional placement.

Getting to our Applicant Visit Days on campus

The best ways to get to our campus from the city centre are by bus, cycling or walking.

There is parking available on campus but spaces are limited so we recommend using public transport where possible.

Find the best travel option for you
A bus in the City of Bath

Find out more about the University and living in Bath.

Read our information for undergraduate offer holders

Contact the Department

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Applicant Visit Days, courses or department.