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Talks and activities in schools or colleges

We can offer talks, workshops and activities for parents, teachers and year 11, 12 and 13 students to help prepare them for the transition to university.

Talks, workshops and Higher Education fairs

We can arrange a talk or workshop for your students or parents.

Subject to availability, we are able to deliver presentations, workshops, or attend in-school HE fairs or Careers events.

We can tailor talks to meet the specific needs of your students, including talks covering the topics below:

Topic Content Audience
Why Bath? An introduction to what Bath can offer, including our rankings and reputation, our focus on employability and placements, and the student experience on campus and in the city of Bath. Year 12/13 students and parents
Choosing a course and applying to university An overview of what you can gain from university, how to choose a course and institution, and the basics of applying. Year 11/12/13 students, parents and teacher
Applying for competitive courses An overview of the factors to consider when applying to competitive university courses, with advice on making a competitive university application and writing a great personal statement. Year 12/13 students, parents and teachers
Student finance Tuition fees and living costs, financial support, budgeting at university and how loan repayments work. Year 12/13 students and parents
Placements: choosing a degree that can boost your graduate prospects What placements can offer, how universities can support you, and how you will benefit when you graduate. Students will hear about work and study abroad placements. Year 13 students
Making the most of Open Days Choosing which open days to attend, being prepared, and making the most of the day (normally delivered as part of Choosing and Applying or Applying for competitive courses). Year 12/13 students and parents
Getting ready for university: Arriving and thriving What to expect when you arrive at university, navigating the transition to university study and independent living, getting involved with societies and making the most of your university experience. Year 13 Students
IB and A Levels: two paths to higher education What’s the difference, what’s the same, and what to consider before deciding which route to choose. Year 12/13 students