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Transition: What our students say

Part of the Transition Toolkit - Hear from Bath students and get their tips on making the most of your time at Bath

Tips from students about making the transition to Bath

Hear from some of our students as they share their top tips.

What We Learnt About Bath After Arriving

No matter how much you research a university, there will be things that you can only find out about a university by being a student there.

Read about Josie's experience of starting at Bath during the pandemic.

Get more tips about making the most of your time at university

Making friends at University

Our students give their top tips for making friends in first year, from joining societies to chatting in the supermarket queue.

Hear more about student societies and how they can help you settle into the university.

Read about Erin's story of making friends during a pandemic

Dealing with difficult situations when you start university

Sometimes it's not always easy. Our students talk about how to deal with messy housemates, people you don't get on with and more...

Being away from home

Many students will be moving away from home for the first time when they move to university. Hear from our students and get some tips on how to best manage being away from home and you can read Camille's guide for international students moving to the UK

Extra support

You're never alone at university. There is lots of support available. Hear about some of the most useful support from our students

Read Josie's blog about belonging at Bath

Student Blogs

We have lots of students who produce blogs about their time at the University. They are a great insight into what life will be like for you when you come to Bath.

You can also chat to our students directly through our online chat page

Read the student blogs

Transition Toolkit

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