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Education alumna on track to becoming a clinical psychologist

Joyce Meloni, who completed her undergraduate degree in 2014, reminisces about her experience of the course, and how it helped her in pursuing her dream career.

Joyce Meloni standing in the Chancellors' Building
Joyce Meloni graduated from BA (Hons) Childhood, Youth and Education Studies in 2014.

Best of both worlds

‘I was initially accepted to the University of Bath on the undergraduate Psychology course, but in the summer before starting, I found out they offered the BA Childhood, Youth and Education Studies (now BA Education with Psychology), which was jointly delivered by the Department of Psychology and the Department of Education. As I was interested in young people from a psychological point of view, it ticked all my boxes, and I decided to switch courses to get the best of both worlds.’

Community feel

‘One of the best things about the course was the small size of the classroom. There were around 20 of us, which allowed for more discussion and interaction, but we also got to know each other very well as students and lecturers. The academic staff were very approachable and supportive throughout my time at Bath, and I still keep in contact with some of them.’

Home away from home

‘Being an international student, I was slightly worried about moving to a new country, but Bath was just the perfect place to settle into, and helped my transition into living in the UK. It’s safe, beautiful, and just the right size for a student city.

‘I have some of the fondest memories from Bath, whether it was the Freshers' Week, all-nighters in the library with friends, catching the first (and only) rays of sun by the lake whilst taking a break from studying for May exams, the Summer Ball and many more.’

Developing my knowledge and skills at Bath

‘Studying at the University of Bath definitely equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary to start my path to hopefully becoming a clinical psychologist for young people in forensic settings one day. Not only did I develop academically, the university Careers Service also helped me with my writing skills, and to prepare the best possible application for my postgraduate degree.’

‘Do consider taking a placement year, as it equips you with more experience, and gives you context when applying theory learnt at the university into concrete work.’
Joyce Meloni, BA (Hons) Childhood, Youth and Education Studies

Pursuing my dream

‘Once I finished my degree at Bath, I completed a Masters in Psychology of Education at the University of Bristol, where I graduated with a Distinction. After that, I worked as a mental health worker in a secure children's home for young offender's aged 10-17, where I got to see how the theories I learnt at the university applied into practice.

‘I developed a passion for forensic psychology and understanding the role of early childhood experiences and trauma in the development of an individual, which is why I decided to study for another Masters in Clinical Forensic Psychology at King's College London.’

Advice to other Education students

‘Don’t worry if you don't have a clear end goal yet. The BA Education with Psychology course gives you the foundation for a variety of career paths, and helps you further investigate your passions and interests.

‘Also do consider taking a placement year, as it equips you with more experience, and gives you context when applying theory you have learnt at the university into concrete work.’


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