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Reimagining Education for Better Futures Research Group

Our research focuses on reimagining education and its transformative potential for humans, and non-humans, now and in the future.

What is the Reimagining Education for Better Futures Research Group?

Our Group’s primary purpose is to explore education’s role, across all sectors, in contributing to better and more just futures in times of ecological crisis and widening global inequalities.

We want our research to contribute to education being done differently. Our methods are influenced by activist, participatory, arts-based and co-creative methodologies, and take into account transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.

We adopt feminist, decolonial and other theories to de-centre dominant white, western, masculinist traditions of thinking.

A group of people in a classroom in a third world country school.

Our research and people

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About us

Our Research Group is part of the Department of Education.

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