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Events in the Probability Laboratory

Upcoming events run by members of Prob-L@B.

Probability and Random Structures

Session at the International Congress of Mathematical Physics

Geneva, 2-7 August 2021

Organised by Hendrik Weber and Gady Kozma.
Ilya Chevyrev (University of Edinburgh) Shirshendu Ganguly (UC Berkeley) Christophe Garban (Université Lyon 1) Massimiliano Gubinelli (University of Bonn) Tyler Helmuth (Durham University) Tom Hutchcroft (University of Cambridge)

For more information see the ICMS website.

Bath Mathematical Symposium on PDE and Randomness

Following postponement due to COVID19, a successful online event was held in July 2020. The physical event has been provisionally rearranged for 1-10 September 2021 in Bath. More details to follow.

Bath-Beijing-Paris branching structures meeting VI

Bath, 13-17 September 2021 (postponed due to the COVID pandemic)

The sixth Bath-Beijing-Paris branching structures meeting will be held in Bath, and will be an opportunity to discuss a broad family of stochastic models which exhibit branching phenomena, including applications to neutron transport.

As a new feature for this series of meetings, the meeting will run in extended form for five days split into two components.

The first three days are devoted to random branching structures such as branching random walks, fragmentation and coalescence processes, and population models, as well as other probabilistic models.

The last two days are devoted more specifically to an application area of branching structures. For this edition of the workshop, we will focus on recent innovations in the theory of neutron transport and its connection to quasi-stationarity, Monte-Carlo simulation and numerical stochastic methods.

Participants may opt to attend one or both halves of the week accordingly.

For more information see the website.

The workshop had to be moved from its previously scheduled dates of 20-24 April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pólya urns, stochastic approximation and quasi-stationary distributions: new developments

Bath, 11-14 April 2022 (postponed due to the COVID pandemic)

Cécile Mailler and Denis Villemonais are organising this workshop in Bath next spring.

Deterministic Dynamics and Randomness in PDE

Oberwolfach Research Institute for Mathematics, 22-28 May 2022

Further information will appear in due course.

Analytic and probabilistic combinatorics

Banff International Research Station, Canada, 13-18 November 2022

Combinatorics is a young area in mathematics that has connections to almost all older fields, such as probability theory, analysis, algebra, number theory and geometry. Therefore, combinatorialists try to apply the existing strong theorems of these other fields in their research. However, no combinatorialist can master all the tools of all of these other fields. Our workshop tries to facilitate the learning of these tools by bringing together two separate groups of researchers, those who call themselves Analytic Combinatorialists, and those who call themselves Probabilistic Combinatorialists.

We keep a list of previous events on our archive.