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Probability seminars

Our seminars are usually held on Mondays at 1.15pm. In normal times they are in room 4W 1.7, but in 2020-21 they will be held via Zoom.

Seminars 2020-21

Please email Marcel Ortgiese or Cécile Mailler if you would like to join us and they will send you a Zoom invitation. You may also be interested in the One World Probability Seminar.

Date Speaker Institution Title
5/10/20 Amine Asselah Paris Créteil Large deviation for the intersection of the trace of 2 random walks
19/10/20 Benjamin Fehrman University of Oxford Large-deviations for conservative, stochastic PDE and non-equilibrium fluctuations
2/11/20 Laure Dumaz Paris Dauphine Localization of the continuous Anderson Hamiltonian in 1-d and its transition towards delocalization
16/11/20 Gonçalo dos Reis University of Edinburgh Large deviations and exit-times for reflected McKean-Vlasov equations with self-stabilizing terms and superlinear drifts
7/12/20 András Tóbiás TU Berlin The interplay of dormancy and transfer in bacterial populations: Invasion, fixation and coexistence regimes
11/01/21 Ellie Archer Tel Aviv Random walks on decorated Galton-Watson trees
01/02/21 Mickaël Maazoun Oxford TBC
15/02/21 Wolfgang König WIAS / TU Berlin TBC
01/03/21 Verónica Miro Pina CRG, Barcelona TBC
15/03/21 Paul Jenkins Warwick TBC
19/04/21 Leo Rolla Warwick TBC
26/04/21 Delphin Sénizergues UBC, Vancouver TBC
10/05/21 Hao Ni UCL TBC
24/05/21 Konstantinos Dareiotis Leeds TBC

We keep an archive of speakers and abstracts going back to 2006. Please let Matt Roberts know if you find any errors.

If you wish to find out more about our seminar programme, please contact Marcel Ortgiese or Cécile Mailler.

Prob-L@B internal monthly seminar

Our internal seminar this year will also be held online at 1.15pm on Mondays, usually the last Monday of the month. If you wish to find out more, please contact Sarah Penington.

Date Speaker Title
26/10/20 Tom Finn Non-equilibrium multi-scale analysis and coexistence in competing first passage percolation
23/11/20 Bas Lodewijks Degree evolutions in weighted recursive graphs
08/02/21 Luca Zanetti TBC
08/03/21 Antal Járai On the tail of the branching random walk local time

2020 international visitors

Dates Visitor
31.08.19 - 22.02.20 Milton Jara (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro)
13.01.20 - 17.01.20 Bastien Mallein (Sorbonne University, Paris)
16.03.20 - 20.03.20 Emmanuel Schertzer (Sorbonne University, Paris)
11.05.20 - 15.05.20 Dimitrios Cheliotis (University of Athens)