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Probability seminars

Our seminars are usually held on Mondays at 1.15pm in room 4W 1.7.

Seminars 2022/23

Please contact Daniel Kious or Sarah Penington for more information.

Semester 1

Date Speaker Institution Title
03/10/22 Amanda Turner University of Leeds Growth of stationary Hasting-Levitov
10/10/22 Martin Meier University of Bath Forward Induction in a Backward Inductive Manner
17/10/22 Tim Rogers University of Bath TBA
24/10/22 David Croydon Kyoto University TBA
07/11/22 Jess Jay University of Bristol TBA
14/11/22 Anja Sturm University of Göttingen TBA
21/11/22 Alex Drewitz University of Cologne TBA
05/12/22 Michel Pain University of Toulouse TBA
12/12/22 Tyler Helmuth Durham University TBA
09/01/23 Yufei Zhang London School of Economics TBA
16/01/23 Jonathan Jordan University of Sheffield TBA

Prob-L@B internal monthly seminar

Our internal seminar this year will also be held at 1.15pm on Mondays, usually the last Monday of the month. If you wish to find out more, please contact Guillaume Conchon-Kerjan or Sam Johnston.

Date Speaker Title
31/10/22 TBA TBA
28/11/22 TBA TBA
23/01/23 TBA TBA


We keep an archive of speakers and abstracts going back to 2006. Please let Matt Roberts know if you find any errors.

If you wish to find out more about our seminar programme, please contact Daniel Kious or Sarah Penington.

2022/23 international visitors

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