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Probability seminars

Our seminars are usually held on Mondays at 1.15pm in room 4W 1.7.

Seminars 2023/24

Please contact Daniel Kious or Sarah Penington for more information. Our internal (PIMS) seminars are usually held on the last Monday of each month, and are currently organised by Apolline Louvet.

Semester 1

Date Speaker Institution Title
02/10/23 Carl Dettman University of Bristol How far to the nearest facility?
09/10/23 Alice Callegaro Technical University of Munich Survival and complete convergence for a branching annihilating random walk
16/10/23 Yizheng Yuan University of Cambridge Schramm-Loewner evolution, natural length, and variation
23/10/23 Leandro Chiarini Durham University Fermionic Gaussian free field structure in the Abelian sandpile model and uniform spanning tree
30/10/23 Frankie Higgs University of Bath (PIMS) Coverage with frayed edges
03/11/23 Thomas Mountford EPFL Convergence of self-repelling random walks
06/11/23 James Martin University of Oxford The environment seen from a geodesic in last-passage percolation, and the TASEP seen from a second-class particle
13/11/23 Peter Koepernik University of Oxford The Brownian spatial coalescent
20/11/23 Catherine Aaron Université Clermont Auvergne An overview of set and manifold estimation
27/11/23 Thomas Hughes University of Bath (PIMS) Compact support versus instantaneous propagation for spatial branching processes
04/12/23 Laurent Miclo Toulouse School of Economics On fraudulent stochastic algorithms
11/12/23 Márton Balázs University of Bristol Road layout in the KPZ class


We keep an archive of speakers and abstracts going back to 2006. Please let Matt Roberts know if you find any errors.

If you wish to find out more about our seminar programme, please contact Daniel Kious or Sarah Penington.

2022/23 international visitors

Dates Visitor
21/11/22 - 24/11/22 Alex Drewitz (Cologne)
24/11/22 - 25/11/22 Alice Callegaro (Mainz)
04/01/23 - 06/01/23 Emma Horton (INRIA Bordeaux)
09/01/23 - 10/01/23 Christoforos Panagiotis (Geneva)
16/01/23 - 19/01/23 Oliver Kelsey Tough (Neuchâtel)
08/05/23 - 12/05/23 Emma Horton (Melbourne)
08/05/23 - 12/05/23 Denis Villemonais (Université de Lorraine)
11/05/23 - 12/05/23 Leif Döring (Mannheim)
11/05/23 - 12/05/23 Juan Carlos Pardo Millán (CIMAT)
07/08/23 - 18/08/23 Natalia Cardona-Tobón (Goettingen)
13/11/23 - 17/11/23 Zsófia Talyigás (Vienna)