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Probability seminars

Our seminars are usually held on Mondays at 1.15pm in room 4W 1.7.

Seminars 2019-20

There are no seminars over the summer. A new list of seminars for 2020/21 will appear in due course.

We keep an archive of speakers and abstracts going back to 2006. Please let Matt Roberts know if you find any errors.

If you wish to find out more about our seminar programme, please contact Marcel Ortgiese or C├ęcile Mailler.

Prob-L@B internal monthly seminar

Our internal seminar is usually held on the last Thursday of the month, at 12.15pm in the 4W level 4 social space. If you wish to find out more, please contact Sarah Penington.

2020 international visitors

Dates Visitor
31.08.19 - 22.02.20 Milton Jara (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro)
13.01.20 - 17.01.20 Bastien Mallein (Sorbonne University, Paris)
16.03.20 - 20.03.20 Emmanuel Schertzer (Sorbonne University, Paris)
11.05.20 - 15.05.20 Dimitrios Cheliotis (University of Athens)