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Probability seminars

Our seminars are usually held on Mondays at 1.15pm in room 4W 1.7.

Seminars 2022/23

Please contact Daniel Kious or Sarah Penington for more information. Our internal (PIMS) seminars are usually held on the last Monday of each month, and are currently organised by Apolline Louvet.

Semester 2

Date Speaker Institution Title
06/02/23 Karen Habermann University of Warwick A polynomial expansion for Brownian motion and the associated fluctuation process
13/02/23 Félix Foutel-Rodier University of Oxford The genealogy of a nearly critical branching process in varying environment
16/02/23 Peter Mörters University of Cologne The contact process on dynamical scale-free networks Note unusual day and room: 6W 1.2
20/02/23 Noah Halberstam University of Cambridge Infinite trees in the arboreal gas
27/02/23 Nic Küpper University of Bath (PIMS) The largest component in a subcritical Soft Random Geometric Graph
06/03/23 Dominic Yeo King's College London The critical window for random transposition random walk
13/03/23 Angelica Pachon University of South Wales Upper bounds for the largest component in critical inhomogeneous random graphs
20/03/23 Brett Kolesnik University of Oxford Random tournaments
27/03/23 Pawel Rudnicki University of Bath (PIMS) Reinforced digging random walks with linear reinforcement
17/04/23 Omer Bobrowski Queen Mary Homological Connectivity in Random Geometric Complexes and Poisson Approximation
24/04/23 Elnur Emrah University of Bristol Classifying boundary fluctuations for uniformly random Gelfand-Tsetlin patterns
09/05/23 Adam Bowditch University College Dublin Anomalous fluctuations of random walks Note unusual day and room: Tues in 6W 1.2
15/05/23 Sonny Medina Jimenez University of Bath (PIMS) Excursions from hyperplanes for the α-stable process
22/05/23 Matthieu Jonckheere University of Toulouse The critical parameter of Fermat distance

Semester 1

Date Speaker Institution Title
03/10/22 Amanda Turner University of Leeds Growth of stationary Hasting-Levitov
10/10/22 Martin Meier University of Bath Forward Induction in a Backward Inductive Manner
17/10/22 Tim Rogers University of Bath Structure from Stochasticity
24/10/22 David Croydon Kyoto University Sub-diffusive scaling regimes for one-dimensional Mott variable-range hopping
07/11/22 Jess Jay University of Bristol Second-Class Particles in ASEP under the Blocking Measure
14/11/22 Anja Sturm University of Göttingen On the contact process in an evolving edge random environment
21/11/22 Alex Drewitz University of Cologne Branching Brownian motion, branching random walks, and the Fisher-KPP equation in spatially random environment
28/11/22 Apolline Louvet University of Bath (PIMS) Some growth properties of the ∞-parent spatial Lambda-Fleming Viot process
05/12/22 Michel Pain University of Toulouse Extremes of time-inhomogeneous branching Brownian motion
12/12/22 Tyler Helmuth Durham University The Arboreal Gas
09/01/23 Yufei Zhang London School of Economics Exploration-exploitation trade-off for continuous-time reinforcement learning
16/01/23 Jonathan Jordan University of Sheffield Competing types in preferential attachment graphs with community structure


We keep an archive of speakers and abstracts going back to 2006. Please let Matt Roberts know if you find any errors.

If you wish to find out more about our seminar programme, please contact Daniel Kious or Sarah Penington.

2022/23 international visitors

Dates Visitor
21/11/22 - 24/11/22 Alex Drewitz (Cologne)
24/11/22 - 25/11/22 Alice Callegaro (Mainz)
04/01/23 - 06/01/23 Emma Horton (INRIA Bordeaux)
09/01/23 - 10/01/23 Christoforos Panagiotis (Geneva)
16/01/23 - 19/01/23 Oliver Kelsey Tough (Neuchâtel)