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People in the Probability Laboratory

Prob-L@B is home to 12 permanent academics, as well as many outstanding early-career researchers.

Some of the members of the Probability Laboratory in 2019
Some of the members of Prob-L@B in 2019

The research of the Probability Laboratory at Bath (Prob-L@B) spans the whole of modern probability, including models motivated by questions from other areas of mathematics as well as physics, biology, finance and other applied fields.

Permanent members

Research fellows

  • Frankie Higgs (EPSRC postdoc)
  • Thomas Hughes (Royal Society postdoc)
  • Apolline Louvet (Royal Society postdoc)
  • Oliver Kelsey Tough (EPSRC postdoc, MaThRad)

PhD students

  • Wilfred Armfield
  • Tom Davis
  • Diana De Armas Bellon
  • Chris Dean
  • Carmen van-de-l’Isle
  • Nic Küpper
  • Yi Sheng Lim
  • João Luiz De Oliveira Madeira
  • Mehar Motala
  • Pawel Rudnicki
  • Marcel Stozir
  • Chaorui Wang

Associated members

Long term visitors

We keep an archive of former members, including long-term visitors and PhD students.