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Postdoctoral opportunities in probability

If you are interested in undertaking a postdoctoral period of research at the laboratory, please get in touch.

Funding opportunities

Members of Prob-L@B occasionally have external funding for postdoctoral fellows. These positions will be advertised on as well as the University's jobs portal.

Otherwise, members of the laboratory are always willing to help potential candidates write grant proposals and submit them to a variety of funding sources. We encourage you to look at the research page, or even better, individual staff pages, to find someone who matches your interests and then get in touch. If in doubt, contact any of Daniel Kious, C├ęcile Mailler, Matt Roberts or Alexandre Stauffer and we will be happy to help.

Possible funding schemes include:

We have had success with many of these in the past. However the list is not exhaustive and we are also keen to hear from candidates with other potential funding sources.