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University of Bath

Probability seminar abstracts

Our seminars are usually held on Mondays at 1.15pm. In normal times they are in room 4W 1.7, but in 2020-21 they will be held via Zoom.

Amine Asselah

Large deviation for the intersection of the trace of 2 random walks
5th October 2020
We discuss a Large Deviations Principle for the number of intersections of two independent infinite-time ranges in dimension five and more. This settles, in the discrete setting, a conjecture of van den Berg, Bolthausen and den Hollander. We obtain also some path properties.
(Joint work with B. Schapira.)

Benjamin Fehrman

19th October 2020

Laure Dumaz

2nd November 2020

Gonçalo dos Reis

16th November 2018

Noemi Kurt

7th December 2020

Ellie Archer

11th January 2021