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Holistic approach to design

Ilaria graduated with an MSc in Architectural Engineering: Environmental Design in 2017. Find out how the experience has helped shape her career.

An unseen student holds a model of a house.
Ilaria is originally from South Africa and studied a BEng in Civil Engineering before joining our specialist master's course at Bath.

After graduating from my master’s at the University of Bath, I started working at Buro Happold as a graduate Infrastructure Engineer. I design drainage networks, pavement build-ups and am involved in master planning. Currently I am working on a drainage design of a school in the UK. What I enjoy the most is the opportunity to work on different projects and be creative.

Invaluable skills to use in my career

I've learnt that every decision I make when designing something has an effect on the environment. I need to think of other factors that might influence my decision-making process such as the material required, the construction process, maintenance required, the lifecycle of the product/development. Although I am constantly learning, this degree and my career experience so far has helped me to design more holistically.

Overcoming challenges during studies

During the course, we had to submit reports/essays for each subject. Many of these involved topics that I have limited knowledge on and I initially found it quite difficult to produce an essay. I overcame this challenge by spending lots of time researching the topics using online libraries and speaking to my lectures. I eventually became more confident in writing these essays and learnt so many new things during the course.

Advice to future MSc students

I would recommend choosing a dissertation topic that you find interesting and challenging! I chose a civil engineering topic which I thoroughly enjoyed, and l think it was a great way to end my master’s degree and a great way for me to learn about something that I found interesting.

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