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How I set the foundations for my career at Loftus Bradford

Shauna McDonald, BA Modern Languages and European Studies, describes her internship as 'enthusing, fascinating and above all inspiring'.

Shauna stood outside of her office smiling
Shauna spent her placement at Loftus Bradford where she experienced executive search and boutique headhunting

My internship at Loftus Bradford has been enthusing, fascinating and above all inspiring. Not only have I come to understand and learn about the commercial side of some of the biggest companies in the 21st century, I’ve also been exposed to a whole new realm of Executive Search and Boutique Headhunting. Before I began my internship, little did I know I would be getting to know some of the world’s leading business professionals, from Paris and London to New Jersey and Nashville.

Being a part of the Loftus Bradford team is a lot more than ‘just being an intern'. The experience has taught me valuable lessons and skills that will benefit both my personal and professional life in the future.

My recipe for success

1. Manage your time

Whether it’s attending meetings, finishing deadlines or scheduling calls for 7 AM Pacific time, at Lotus Bradford you will become a master of time management. Planning, being organised and ticking off that all important 'to do list' may seem like minor tasks but in this business and in other aspects of life; working and using your time efficiently, as well as, being one step ahead can be the difference between success and failure.

2. Become a 'trusted advisor'

In order to thrive in any professional environment, working well in a team is essential. Keeping up with the fast pace at Loftus Bradford and in the industry itself (where things don’t always go as planned) involves being an active member of the team through becoming a 'trusted advisor'.

When things are going well, the team is there with support and when you find it difficult to understand the task at hand (normally at the beginning of your internship) they will answer every single question you have, provide meaningful advice and insight into what it takes to be a successful headhunter. Being reliable with your work, credible with your results and building relationships with senior consultants and managers will allow you to become a 'trusted advisor' and a valuable member of any team in the future.

3. Maximise your potential

During my internship here, I’ve learned to step completely outside my comfort zone and encourage others to do the same. Getting involved in the Lotus Bradford candidate process was daunting at first but I was proactive. I asked questions and listened to other consultants carefully and before I knew it I was already an important part of the team.

Having the right attitude to the task ahead can go a long way at Lotus Bradford and in any aspect of your professional life. This was one of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of my internship. Be curious and conscientious with your work because as with everything in life, you get out of it what you put in.

4. Know your market and read up

This may not be the most thrilling part of the job but doing your homework on different companies and what is currently happening in the market you are working in will stand you in good stead when discussing projects with colleagues, candidates and clients. Not only does this build your credibility in the workplace but having an understanding of a subject will increase your productivity.

5. Diversity matters

Diversity and inclusion is currently a significant topic in the media and at Loftus Bradford and I’ve learned what the concept means in the corporate world. Studies have shown that a diverse company will bring enhanced creativity and fresher ideas.

In a successful professional environment, diversity is about the coming together of internationalism, different cultures and generations to reflect society and ultimately a company’s market.

‘Before I began my internship, little did I know I would be getting to know some of the world’s leading business professionals, from Paris and London to New Jersey and Nashville.’
Shauna Mcdonald BA Modern Languages and European Studies (Spanish and ab initio Italian)