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'I get to fulfil my dreams and build a sustainable future for the planet'

Ajay graduated from our MSc Automotive Engineering with Electric Propulsion in 2021 and now works at Innovate UK. Read about his journey from study to work.

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Ajay's studies equipped him with the skills and knowledge to achieve his goals.

Supporting the UK net-zero carbon goals

As soon as I finished my master’s at Bath, I started my graduate job with Innovate UK, which supports innovative UK businesses to realise the potential of new technologies. In my current role, I support projects that are both innovative and sustainable. It involves researching, analysing and helping the UK government towards its goal of net-zero carbon economy by 2050.

I'm currently working on setting up a forum for Micromobility, raising awareness among the public and addressing its challenges. The purpose of the forum is to provide a platform where private businesses can meet local authorities and governments to discuss potential solutions.

A degree that prepares you for the world of work

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the job market terribly and the situation was bleak. Though a difficult time, it taught me how to be resilient and consistent in my approach towards success.

I decided to study an MSc at Bath and it was both a wonderful and invaluable experience for me. Taking a one-year master's course can be very intense and time-consuming. There was a time during my course when we had to submit four to five pieces of coursework in a single month. I had to quickly get used to multi-tasking. Initially I struggled with time management when things got busy. I started planning my days, then weeks and months in advance and I sincerely think 50% of goals are already achieved when you have spent enough time on good and solid planning. Knowing I had a plan also gave me enough time to relax and have fun.

As well as studying, I was sending job applications day in and day out. The experience really benefited me as it made me versatile in my approach and helped me learn to juggle multiple things at the same time while maintaining a level head! The skills that I developed back then come in very handy now. I'm happy I studied the Automotive Engineering with Electric Propulsion MSc as it has proved to be immensely helpful in my job now.

The new norm: learning how to work post-pandemic

Another important skill I developed while at university was virtual networking. Because of the pandemic, our course was fully virtual and the only way of connecting with other students was online. This was something new for everyone but I feel that now it is paying off as I work remotely and must network with people virtually.

One top tip: start job hunting while you study

If you are looking to apply for jobs, you will want to hit the September to December recruitment cycle! You have the best chance to find a job quickly and comfortably during this time. A lot of companies are hiring during autumn, so make it count! One thing you must learn during this time is to develop a good balance between studying and job hunting.

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