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Paving the way for future civil engineers

Discover how Ming Jing’s MSc study at Bath provided the foundation for her successful career as a university lecturer in China.

Ming Jing working at the Jiamusi University in China
Ming Jing, an MSc Civil Engineering: Innovative Structural Materials graduate, is now working at the Jiamusi University in China as a lecturer

My journey began when I started my MSc Civil Engineering: Innovative Structural Materials in 2019. This course provided me with not only the technical knowledge to excel in my field but also the transferable skills to succeed in a constantly changing world. I had the chance to learn about innovative concrete technologies, as well as critical thinking and adaptability. These have proven invaluable to my career as a university lecturer at the School of Architecture and Engineering of Jiamusi University in China.

Throughout my degree, I certainly faced challenges, especially when encountering new topics and modules that were not directly related to the knowledge gained from my undergraduate studies. Fortunately, with guidance from my teachers and classmates, I became confident to embrace these challenges with an open mind and quickly adapted to the course by using resources available at the university’s library. The experience and skills I gained from my master’s have been instrumental in shaping my career and personal development, and well-prepared me going into academia.

In my current role, my daily work revolves around scientific research, academic discussions and teaching. I also serve as a part-time university counsellor for third-year students, responsible for supporting their academic, personal, and psychological well-being. My time at Bath provided me with boundless inspiration and enlightenment to my scientific research and I am very pleased that my current work allows me to further explore civil engineering on a bigger scale.

My advice for current and future MSc students is to view challenges as opportunities. Use them as stepping stones to build a successful and fulfilling career and build a lifelong learning mindset that will benefit you in the long run.

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