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Studying an engineering design master's delivered with passion

Thomas tells us about his experience of studying MSc Engineering Design, what he enjoyed most about the course and his plans for the future.

Student in laboratory works on computer mouse next to 3D printer
Thomas's degree gave him practical experience in designing and building a 3D printed computer mouse prototype.

I have always had a keen interest in engineering design and the process of designing new products. Coming from the US, I wanted to experience a different method of teaching. Looking at the best departments in Mechanical Engineering in the UK, Bath was consistently among the top. I was accepted to study my master's at a few universities but Bath was my number one choice. Looking back, I am glad I decided to study here.

An engaging learning experience

Studying at Bath is nothing that I have ever experienced before. The level of quality and passion each lecturer teaches at was something that I have never had before. Every lecturer is engaging and explains the material. They are always willing to take questions and easy to approach. Classes are challenging and there is a lot of work, but it is also achievable. It is easy to see why Bath is rated highly for student satisfaction.

Designing and building a prototype

The most enjoyable part of my course was the hands-on experience we got. Projects in the second semester encouraged us to use the knowledge we gained from the first semester. One of the projects was to build a working prototype of a computer mouse. I had to combine knowledge in new product development, innovation and advanced design with skills in computer aided design. This required concept generation, evaluation, design embodiment and finally rapid prototyping. By the end, I had a fully functional prototype of a computer mouse. This was the most rewarding part as I showed myself that I was capable of applying the knowledge I gained.

Future steps

After graduation, I plan on working for a company as a mechanical product design engineer. I have always enjoyed the process of how products go from an idea and into the hands of a consumer. I am open to applying anywhere in the world as I feel my degree from Bath is recognised throughout the globe. Completing a degree here has opened up the doors of opportunity to achieve a successful future.

‘The level of quality and passion each lecturer teaches at was something that I have never had before.’
Thomas McLaughlin MSc Engineering Design (2016)