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Autism Summer School frequently asked questions for parents, guardians and carers

Our Autism Summer School is a residential event at the University of Bath. Find the answers to some common questions about this event.


Will my child be safe?

Our top priority is your child’s safety. We carry out risk assessments for all activities that are planned for the Autism Summer School experience. All staff, including the Autism Summer School assistants involved in looking after Autism Summer School participants, have been DBS checked (approved by the Criminal Records Bureau) in accordance with the law. The university campus is a very safe place and has its own on-campus security staff.

Who are the Autism Summer School staff?

The Autism Summer School staff are currently at the University of Bath. The academic staff are full-time academics from the Department of Psychology.

Student Ambassadors support the Summer School, all of whom have had a DBS check. The Resident Tutors (tutors that will also have accommodation on campus during the Summer School) are postgraduate students at the University. The ambassadors and students are the best source of information about studying and being a student in higher education.

Will my child be accompanied by their school/college friends?

This will depend entirely on who has applied to the Autism Summer School. Some students will come with others from their school but a significant number come along on their own. We actively encourage all students to mix with each other as much as possible so that they can gain the most out of the experience.

Where will my child be living?

Students will be staying in on-campus University accommodation, typically used to house first-year university students. Students will stay in single bedrooms; usually en suite when this is available. There are also shared kitchen facilities.

Breakfasts, lunches and evening meals will be provided at no cost to you. In the accommodation there are small kitchens with facilities for making hot drinks or for storing snacks or cold drinks.

What staff supervision is there during the night?

We have Overnight Supervisors (Resident Tutors) who will be living in the halls of residence with the young people attending the Autism Summer School. They all have experience looking after undergraduate students during term-time. They will have a DBS check.

What is my involvement as a parent, guardian or carer?

Please continue to encourage your child to participate in their Autism Summer School. There will be a gap of some time between them being offered a place and them actually attending the event, so you can help us (and them!) by making sure they stay enthusiastic about their Summer School experience and how they will benefit from it.

Parent’s/carers are expected to get their child to the Summer School and back home again after (to bring them or ensure appropriate travel arrangements are made with the student).

Parent's/carers are not expected to be on campus during the Summer School. Part of the experience, is to be away from the familiarity of home. Parent's/carers can return home, or arrange to stay in Bath, which is a beautiful city to visit. We are not able to arrange accommodation for parent's/carers, but you can see Visit Bath.

What if I need to get in touch with my child during the Autism Summer School?

Contact details for key members of the Autism Summer School staff will be made available to you. If there is anything you want to discuss about your child, particularly if this is of a confidential nature, please feel free to contact us.

Most students tend to bring their mobile phones with them on the Summer School. Students are responsible for their own property and we cannot accept liability for the loss of or damage to mobiles phones. We are happy for these to be used provided they are switched off during day time activity sessions.

What happens if my child falls ill during the Autism Summer School?

If a student feels unwell then the staff will make an initial check and refer him or her to a doctor or hospital if required. Parents, guardians or carers will be informed of the situation as soon as possible. If the problem is serious, we will complete an incident form with all the relevant details. If a student is too ill to continue participating in the Summer School, then parents, guardians or carers will be notified and asked to collect them, or we will arrange with you another suitable way of transporting them home.

How will my child make their way to the University of Bath?

You are responsible for your child up until the handover points at the start and end of your child’s Autism Summer School. Your child can choose to travel by train or travel by car. Although the Summer School is free, we cannot cover the travel costs to and from the event.

What should my child take to the Summer School?

There will be no need to bring any specialist materials or equipment. You might want considering packing:

  • weatherproof clothing
  • trainers
  • an alarm clock
  • toiletries
  • spending money (£10 will be enough)
  • mobile phones
  • laptop

We cannot accept any liability for loss or damage.

When should I arrive to collect my child when the Summer School is over?

You will be made aware of the timings once we have made the necessary travel arrangements with your child. You will be notified before the Autism Summer School starts.

What if my child wants to leave the Summer School for a while for any reason?

We expect all students to remain on campus for the full length of the Autism Summer School unless there are exceptional circumstances such as a family illness or retaking an exam for example. If you are aware in advance about a possible good reason for your child to be away from any part of their Summer School, please do let us know and we will discuss this with you.

If your child has to withdraw completely from the Summer School then a simple form will need to be completed for our records. As the aim is to experience living away from home we hope this does not happen, but if it does we will fully understand and be supportive. We ask that parents plan for this eventuality and that we are informed as soon as a potential issue may be emerging.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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