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Carlos Shanka and Dr Carlos A. Nobre

Learn more about ActNowFilm participants Carlos Shanka and Dr Carlos A. Nobre.


Photos of ActNowFilm participants Carlos Shanka and Dr Carlos A. Nobre, with their names displayed underneath. The bottom of the picture features the ActNowFilm logo and the film title “Youth climate leaders in conversation with climate experts”.
Carlos Shanka and Dr Carlos A. Nobre are one of 30 pairs of youth climate leaders and climate experts from across the world matched for 1-2-1 conversations as part of this year’s ActNowFilm.

ActNowFilm: youth climate leaders in conversation with climate experts is an international youth voices in climate change project, selected to showcase at COP28. The film is based on 1-2-1 conversations between 30 pairs of youth climate leaders and world leading climate experts.

Carlos Shanka is a young sustainability enthusiast from the Canary Islands, Spain. At a young age, he started engaging in several sustainability schemes and moved to study biology at the University of Bristol, UK. He has served as the President of the Bristol University Sustainability Team as well as the Chair of the Students’ Union Sustainability Network. He has been granted the Sustainability Champion Green Gown Award, the most prestigious award in sustainability in higher education in the UK and Ireland, for his efforts to promote education for sustainable development, fostering careers in sustainability, energetic decarbonisation, and impact investing at the institutional level.

His growing frustration with the slow pace of action on the climate crisis prompted Carlos to attend high-level conferences, including COP26, SB56, and COP27. He has also represented Spain at COY16 and COY17. Having recently interned with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), he is now working on the sustainability youth hub that he founded in the Canary Islands to overcome local challenges: Global Shapers Las Palmas. Carlos is a member of ClientEarth’s Next Generation Board.

Dr Carlos A. Nobre is an Earth System scientist from Brazil. He obtained a PhD in Meteorology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, in 1983. His work mostly focuses on the Amazon and its impacts on the Earth system.

He chaired the Large-Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA). He is presently a senior researcher with the Institute for Advanced Studies, University of São Paulo, co-chair of the Science Panel for the Amazon, and the leader of the Amazonia 4.0 project, which aims to develop a nature-based bioeconomy of standing forests and flowing rivers. He has been contributor to several Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports, including the 2007 report that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Carlos was National Secretary for Research and Development (R&D) Policies at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Brazil and President of Brazil’s Agency for Post-Graduate Education (CAPES). He is a foreign member of the US National Academy of Sciences, and a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and the World Academy of Sciences.


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